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Sunflower Bud

I’m a Married Woman!

January 7th, 2013 by     

Well, my fellow buds!  The big day is now over, and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!  I’ll make two separate posts about this, maybe more.  Let me start by saying SEVERAL things went totally wrong the day of the wedding, never mind leading up to it.  But in the giant scheme of things, it didn’t matter!  So, my first little piece of advice is: don’t sweat the small stuff.

I was set on having our two ring bearers carry out mini pumpkins with our rings on the stems.  How cute and totally rustic, right?  Well, I got so wrapped up into it that I brought them with ME to bring to the venue on the big day because I didn’t want anyone to forget them. I forgot them!  They walked down with their hands at their sides, and I had the Best Man grab the rings for us before arriving at the venue.  After all was said and done, no one even noticed that the ring bearers weren’t carrying anything.

Also, I let my mom handle all of the catering, aside from picking the dishes.  Turns out, she did not account for feeding our vendors!  And I hadn’t thought to mention it to her.  Well, during dinner we had the venue coordinator come up to me and ask about this, telling me that our photographers were wondering about food. I was absolutely embarrassed also mixed with a little anger that they came up to ME to ask.  I ran over to the photographers, apologized and had them add the meals on our tab.  They felt so bad about making ME upset, but they ate, our venue paid for the meals for ALL other vendors, and they even stayed an extra hour for us!  So, every little problem did have a happy ending.

Oh! I almost forgot, our original photographer had to be rushed to the emergency room the day of the wedding, and the two fantastic replacement photographers were the ones who stayed.  Don’t worry, I got in touch with her afterwards and everything is going great now.

Even though anything you never had thought could go wrong, take a deep breath and relax.  Someone will be there to save the day, whether it be your coordinator, mother or even your photographer. You will leave a married and happy woman!

Daisy Bud

My Wordy Wedding Favors DIY!

August 31st, 2012 by     

I have been so excited for this particular DIY for SO LONG. Now that I’ve finally done it, I think it’s turned out well, but not how I expected. This is one of those DIY projects that went wrong, so I had to scrap it and start again. I think these favors are awesome, so there was no way I was going to give up. I am not going to give you the “pretty” version, because I think you should see all of the horror as it unfolds. All right, I’m exaggerating, but when something I’ve been so looking forward to doing doesn’t turn out, it makes me sad. I will say, I do like the way I changed it up, so in the end, everything went fine.

Here we go!

Materials: (These will change somewhat later, but the nuts and bolts are in the pic)

1) A myriad of scrabble letters (I got mine off of eBay, but they aren’t cheap! I recommend doing this DIY well before your wedding so you can spend cash here and there instead of all at once)

2) Cork Board (you can find this at any Staples, they should hopefully have rolls of it. I got mine for free from a friend)

3) Wood Stain (this is the variable that changes…I DO NOT recommend buying wood stain, you will see as this all unfolds but if you MUST stain, buy a VERY DARK color)

4) Polyurethane or Varnish

5) Wood Glue

6) X-Acto knife (or just a VERY sharp knife)

7) Brush (just have a bunch of brushes on hand really)

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Daisy Bud

How Do I Cover the Walls?

August 17th, 2012 by     

We are in love with our venue! It’s so exciting to put a date to our wedding, it’s almost like giving it life. Now it’s really time to put the nose to the grindstone (so to speak…if you actually did that…ouch) and figure out how to decorate the space. It’s great to brainstorm and plan and pin a gazillion pictures to your Pinterest boards, but now that there is a clear venue I can really begin to specifically plan for the space.

I’m sure if you are out there looking around the wedding world you’ve seen a TON of rustic barn weddings. It always seems like the couple found the perfect ready-made barn for their big day, it’s always sunny and wonderful and they had access to all the vintage furniture they needed. My friends, no location is perfect, kinda like a relationship, there are always things that could use a little sprucing up.

While our venue comes (literally) with tons of vintage items just lying around for use, the walls of the barn are decorated with a sort of fishing theme that doesn’t quite go with the decor I was envisioning. This is Maine, so the fishing theme is certainly appropriate for the area! So now I am faced with the challenge of covering up large expanses of wall decor that can’t be removed.

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Daisy Bud

Creating That “Wow” Moment

August 3rd, 2012 by     

So instead of real flowers, I have chosen to use paper flowers for the big day. My mom volunteered to make all the flowers for the event. She’s pretty much awesome. But until they came up for a visit, I had no idea what a huge undertaking these flowers would be! In previous posts I have tried many a time making my own flowers and failed miserably, so I pretty much chucked in the towel on that front, thus my mom taking on ceremony AND reception flowers for the wedding. How is she doing it? Very carefully.

The flower-making process has got to be the most involved and complicated DIY for our wedding, and also one of the most important. The start-up cost to make these flowers is pretty massive, so that is why my mom wished to contribute. On top of the start-up cost, the labor to just make ONE of these flowers is about an hour AND each flower is only a little bit bigger than a quarter (probably half-dollar size, although some are a little bigger).

When my awesome crafty mom traveled up here I asked her to bring some of her flower making materials because I was super stoked to try one or two and I really wanted to show you guys the intricacy that goes into these flowers. Ok, ok, I just wanted to brag about how INCREDIBLY AWESOME my mom is…

Here is what our work area looked like:

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Daisy Bud

We’ve Picked a Date & Found A Barn!

July 16th, 2012 by     

So it happened! The thing I never thought would happen because it was taking forever. After waiting all this time, dealing with nasty venue people, and waiting some more, we have FINALLY picked a venue AND a date! I have to say it’s a little surreal to put a number on it. It hasn’t sunk in, it probably won’t until I’m in the dress and walking down the aisle. So OF COURSE I’m going to give you the details!

We have chosen Edgewood Farm on Deer Isle, Maine as our venue location and August 24th, 2013 as our official wedding date! The drive out to the venue is a long one, about three hours from my house and probably about four or five from the nearest airport, but you cannot argue with the fact that it’s a gorgeous scenic drive! Maine, especially in the summertime, is just wonderful. It almost (I said almost) makes the winters worth it. I regret not taking pictures of our drive out, but I was the one driving and I think that’s probably illegal or something.

When we got there we were greeted by the sweetest couple ever. This barn has been passed through generations of the family and has been fully restored just for big events. This couple has been doing weddings for fun, and takes on only two a year! We are so lucky to be one of those two! The land that everything sits on is massive! The barn is, of course, the focal point, but there is also a B&B on site as well as two guest houses. You can see the ocean from the site as well! I’ll let you have a look around!

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Daisy Bud

DIY To Show State Pride!

June 25th, 2012 by     

I am a BIG DIY bride. I think because I am so broke, I need to pretty much make everything myself! So today I decided to make a map of the state where we will share our wedded bliss using nails and string. I swear this DIY is so simple and it makes for great decor!

First, as always, you have to get all your stuff together.

Of course, in my haste I forgot to photograph the hammer.

1) Wooden board…of some sort. I found this at Wal-Mart for about 3 bucks.

2) Paint, I chose brown because it would really help the light blue string pop.

3) Brushes/sponges for the paint.

4) A map of your favorite state or a state that means something to the both of you. Maine is where we met, and where we are getting married so of course that’s what I chose!

5) Nails, I picked really shiny silver nails. If you can find decorative nails that you like, go for it! I went for cheap and shiny.

6) Thread. Any color you want! I picked blue because it’s the predominant color in the wedding.

7) Optional hot glue gun. This is for any stubborn nails that won’t stay in, glue ‘em down!

8) A hammer

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Daisy Bud

No Sewing Machine? No Problem!

June 6th, 2012 by     

I don’t have a sewing machine…I just can’t afford one. Hats off to those of you that are pros at sewing on those things (or just sewing in general), I never got the hang of it. Watching the creation of clothes on “Project Runway” was like magic to me, “How DO they DO that?” So for those of you who are missing the domestic piece of your brain like me, I have found the answer from the crafting gods that allow you to never have to sew another stitch! This magical product is called Stitch Witchery. Do you have an iron? That is actually one domestic appliance I do have, but if you don’t have that, you probably have a flat-iron for your hair lying around right? I will go step by step through how to use Stitch Witchery to make really adorable bunting for your wedding. It’s so easy, anyone can do it, even the domestically challenged…like me.

First thing’s first: Materials

You’ll need: As many fabric types you want, go nuts! Twine, a Tape Measure, Scissors, a Ruler, a Pencil some Stitch Witchery Tape, a Hair Straightener (or an iron, the straightener is just more portable) heated to medium heat, and a Cardboard Pattern.

The Cardboard pattern you can make to your own specifications. Mine is 8″ long. The size of this will determine the size of your flag when we are all done.

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Daisy Bud

I’m Not Crazy…I Swear

May 18th, 2012 by     

We ALL know THOSE brides. When you ask them what their wedding is like they plop this huge, pink, ruffled book on the table with everything planned out. You can tell that she has been planning this since she was 5 years old…the dress she wants is drawn in sophisticated crayon for goodness sakes! Pages and pages of notes and scheduling in this book, THE book. As she puts the book down her face lights up and her eyes go wide and she suddenly expects everyone to be enthralled with her wedding. We are more horrified than enthralled, trust me.

So I have done it…I have made…a book. Now I feel like I have to back track. First of all, you need something concrete to show vendors right? When describing your wedding cake or your decor ideas, shouldn’t they be able to see what you are talking about? Secondly, I am fairly certain that my thoughts and ideas are completely unorganized. I needed a place to put all the ideas that are definitely going into the wedding, almost like a visual list. Pinterest is lovely, but it’s causing me to be totally unorganized.

So here is what I have done: I have taken a regular scrap book (I’m weird and just have those lying around), and created little inspiration boards of the ideas I am absolutely going to accomplish.

Now I have a pretty, visual “To Do” list which really helps clear the cluttered mind! If you noticed, no pink and no ruffles…so that at least makes me a little sane…right? Has anyone else caved and made “The Book?” Has it helped you get organized?

Daisy Bud

Beautiful Barn! Our Venue Trip

May 4th, 2012 by     

We just took a trip to visit our number one venue! We are pretty sure this place has everything we want as far as holding a ceremony and reception, as well as accommodating our guests!

We met with the woman who was to show us around, and we followed her to the barn and farmhouse in a remote location. This is a huge plus for us, as we hope to have an outdoor wedding, we know that we will remain mostly undisturbed. We are driving down a small country road, and looking up, at the top of the hill is this adorable farmhouse and barn.

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Daisy Bud

Pick a Color…

April 18th, 2012 by     

One of the first questions you get asked when your wedding comes up is “What are your colors?” I have to say, I can now answer that question, but that was not the case at first. I knew I could at least eliminate the colors I would NOT be using. So immediately purple, and pink were eliminated. No offense to the purple/pink lovers out there, but I guess I have never been that girl. I’m pretty sure it all stemmed from having a mauve carpet in my bedroom for 12 years of my life. Green was in the running for a while, but then I decided if I was going to have a wedding outside, I didn’t want my main color to be the color of grass. After all, you wouldn’t want the bridesmaids to go missing!

For awhile I was very set on navy blue and yellow. I really liked the “pop.” But as I day-dreamed, and pinned, and drooled over weddings that weren’t mine, I realized more and more that I loved pastels. The world looks so much more like a fairy tale in pastel. As I looked over my myriad of inspiration boards on Pinterest, I realized I did not want a navy blue and yellow wedding. I wanted a light blue and yellow wedding…with other pastels thrown in for accents. I think what finally settled it was this pattern:

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