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Wedding: The Musical

February 7th, 2009 by     

Honeysuckle Dude and I had a friend videotape our wedding as a favor. Having a friend take over the service meant I really didn’t have a lot of expectations. I really just wanted a bit of video with our vows and first dance, nothing that would cost my first born child since I don’t anticipate viewing it often.

Honeysuckle mom-in-law sent me an article about marryoke recently. I had never heard of this in my planning. Apparently, the idea is to create a music video with you and all of your loved ones lip syncing and adding the theatrics for the song. From what I can tell on Youtube, marryoke runs the range of cheesiness, silliness, bizarre, and touching.

I personally am not a big musical fan. My tolerance for group dancing and singing is not high, so trying to coordinate a marryoke video would have driven me batty. But I do think it’s very original and a chance to bring some spunk and humor into the wedding video business. What’s your take? Would you participate if a bride/groom asked you to? Are you planning on doing this?