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Peach Bud

365 options-how to pick a date?

June 1st, 2011 by     

While there are several options for venues, photographers, florists etc, there are by far the most options for a wedding date.  Where do you even begin?  Do you pick your favorite month and let the venue do the narrowing down?  Do you use your lucky number and swear that having that as your date will be the perfect anniversary?  Do you do one of these cool 7/7/07 dates, just because hey-that only happens so many times in one century?  Do you find another catchy sounding date that has a special ring to it?  For example, a friend of mine got engaged on 12/20/10.  Her wedding date? 10/20/12.  Yes that’s super cool and amazingly clever and I love it.  However, that doesn’t work for most of us.  (We’re a few years too late for 11/15/04).

Then there are the more practical considerations. If you don’t like the heat, you should probably not get married in the summer.  On the flip side if you don’t like the cold, winter probably wouldn’t be your best option either.  (you could have knocked out a total of 6 months rights there by taking away 2 seasons!) Some people have also recommended thinking about your colors when choosing your date so your overall color scheme matches the season and weather outside.  (personally, this was very low on the list for me).

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Olive Bud

Step 1: Set a Date

January 19th, 2011 by     

Now I might be jumping the gun a little bit here because I know I will have a long(er) engagement if I want to wait for a warm-weather wedding (think Summer 2012) – but is it bad that even though I don’t want to enter a knee-deep plethora of excel sheets at this moment – I want to have a date and venue ASAP?

I guess I am just so excited for the planning process and once there is a date, it makes it feel more “official”.

This may be a little extreme, but funny to say the least ;)

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What’s in a Date?

December 3rd, 2010 by     

The concept of setting your wedding date is pretty interesting to me.

The couple comes up with a time frame as to when they feel would be the perfect time to exchange marriage vows and host a giant party afterward. This time frame is dependent on a number of factors including money, the availability of vacation time, school graduations (for those younger couples), the anniversaries of other married couples, the wedding dates of friends and the weather. Finally, they narrow that time frame down into a single day, or a few days for flexibility.

Trio, our reception venue, had the final say on our wedding date.

To be honest with you, if it weren’t for my desire to have a huge celebration with my family, I could very easily plan to marry Orchid Boy in a couple of months. Hell, in a couple of weeks. But having all my friends and family around is too important for me to give up.

Our date is set for June 4, 2011.

Setting our date was actually pretty difficult. I wanted to get married barefoot in the sand. So, in NY that means May through September. May might be a little cooler, but September brings hurricanes. June through August is too hot and the beaches are too busy.

Okay. May. What day?

Too early and it’s still chilly. Too late and you’re in the middle of Memorial Day weekend. Orchid Boy and I tentatively decided on May 13 or 20. Both were Fridays. Friday, the 13th. Heh. Heh.  With 13 being a lucky number in Italy, I said go for it. Chuck wanted to “marinate” on the idea.

Ugh. OK. Marinate.

If we went through all that hell to figure out a date then why did we pick June 4 you ask?

May was booked.

Well, if we had to do June I wanted June 4 since it would be the anniversary of our engagement. Our “dating” anniversary is the fourth of February so maybe the number four works for us.

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Poppy Bud

It’s A Date!?

December 1st, 2010 by     


That’s our date…how did we come up with that? For us it was logical deduction. We didn’t want an engagement much longer than a year & we are both college students. We wanted to go home to get married but have our friends from school be able to attend…so that pretty much ruled out anytime class is in session. That narrowed it down from the end of May to the beginning of August. This should be easy enough…right?

Poppy Dude is a farm kid, born and raised, and always will be. Last summer he had a summer job/internship on a ranch in the remote Nebraska Sandhills. His plans for the upcoming summer…another internship. Lucky for me he’s looking at places a lot closer to civilization, but an internship can’t be interrupted with a wedding and honeymoon. We had to try to cap the summer picking either the end of May or the beginning of August.

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Poinsettia Blossom

(Re) Setting the Date

October 8th, 2010 by     

After much consideration of our budget and our original plan of having a New Year’s Eve wedding, we could not make it work.  To us, we had the perfect date and the perfect venue.  If I had a money tree, it would have been perfect.  Getting back to reality, we decided to take a step back and re-evaluate everything.  Good thing we did because we found the quirky venue we were looking for with a price that a penny pincher would love just by getting out of DC  proper!

Now, we have a NEW date of September 17, 2011 in a NEW location of Alexandria, VA.

We didn’t have a date that was particularly “special” to us so when I accepted that the NYE wedding wasn’t going to work out, I was open to picking a date that the venue AND our planner had availability on next fall.  Did you get your first pick of dates? How did you choose your wedding date? What makes it special?

Dogwood Blossom

It’s Friday, I’m in Love…

December 2nd, 2009 by     

Planning your wedding on a budget is never easy, but if you read countless bridal magazines and blogs like I do, you get some great tips on how to save money.  By far the best tip I got was actually from a recent wedding I attended… Have the wedding on a Friday!

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The 7 Wonders of Choosing Your Wedding Date

December 29th, 2008 by     

You really can’t do anything without choosing a date, right?! I bet that gets covered in “Getting Engaged 101″… a class, oddly enough, not offered in college. So here’s my attempt to cover the course material if there ever will be such a thing.

How did we decide on our date? Since we started dating on 9/22/02 and wanted a date close to that, we went with 9/19/09. Plus, it kind of has a ring to it! On a sentimental note, my grandparents’ wedding anniversary was September 14thand they made it 50 + years. Our wedding day is also the same day as one of our groomsman’s birthday so that will be an added element that we can have fun with!

If you are newly engaged and need to find the date that is right for you, I would recommend considering the following:

1. Do you want the date to have some significant relevance to when you both started dating? Or maybe it will be the date/month of a special time in your relationship… including the day you got engaged! You may want to have it fall close to or on the Summer Solstice, Winter Solstice, Spring Equinox, or Autumn Equinox.

2. Would you like your wedding to be close to a holiday so you can have a long weekend? Keep in mind that this may create a challenge for your guests as the cost of flying can increase around the holidays as well as the amount of other travelers trying to get to their destinations. If scheduling time off from work/school is a challenge, look for dates that fall around a break in school or a long holiday weekend. This can be especially helpful if you will be booking your honeymoon immediately following your wedding. It’s just a matter of weighing the pros and cons.

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