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Our Same-Day-Edit Wedding Video

December 14th, 2012 by     

Okay guys, listen to me when I say – you have to hire a videographer!  Being the crazy, obsessed with weddings person that I am, I had watched hundreds of wedding videos and knew that I wanted a videographer at my wedding long before I was even engaged.  The moments they can capture that your photographers don’t will be something that you will cherish forever.  Words cannot even express how much my husband and I love this video.

Aqua Vivus Productions based out of San Diego, CA filmed and edited our same day video, which the guests at our wedding viewed during the reception.  It was absolutely beautiful and everyone was floored with how amazing and fast Tom and Chris edited the footage.  As soon as the ceremony ended and we moved to the reception room, they began putting our clips together with a song that I picked out – White Dress by Ben Rector.  The song couldn’t have been anymore perfect.  I’m so excited to share with all of you!

Ryan + Kristena Same Day Premiere from AQUA VIVUS on Vimeo.

We should be receiving our full length, 20-30 min wedding film in a few months, but this is a great teaser until then!  My husband and I are so happy that we have this to watch for years to come, it’s something that helps us relive our wedding day over and over again


Bridal Stage Fright

March 23rd, 2009 by     

I recently added my up and coming videographer, Kolby of Aria Studios, on Facebook, and was introduced to her latest collection of wedding videos, ranging from ceremony highlights to movie trailers to love stories about the bride and groom.  The first video I watched was her new demo video, which was so beautifully done that I was swept up in a wave of emotions.  Let’s just say, I was semi-teary, Tuberose Dude noticed and said “Your eyes are shiny,” and then I really became teary.  I couldn’t help it!  It seems that the closer it is to the wedding, the more emotional I get.  Trust me, you’re going to be an emotional wreck too.  Just see the video for yourselves:

Isn’t it just the coolest video ever?

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