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Banishing the word ‘Tacky’

August 3rd, 2009 by     

I was reading what has turned out to be a rather fun blog (despite my initial apprehension): Help Me Pay For My Wedding. Today, BB2B makes a most excellent point: the word ‘tacky’ is so incredibly overused in the wedding industry.  As she says: “Just search ‘tacky’ on the wedding bee discussion boards and you’ll discover an endless list of posts by anxious brides-to-be, petrified that their guests will judge them if they opt for a cash bar, balloons, origami flowers, or a potluck reception.”

I would encourage you to read her post.  I completely agree that the word tacky is completely overused (even mis-used) in the wedding industry.  Wedding guests seem to judge a wedding on how it fullfill’s that person’s own wedding ideals, rather than focusing on the couple that has planned the event.  As in – the guest is not thinking “oh wow, a picnic wedding is perfect for Samantha!” but instead might feel that since the guest doesn’t agree with picnic weddings, then the event is deemed tacky.

It seems to generally start with the venue style (where only country clubs, halls and churches are acceptable) and the most unique ideas are generally at the centre of the attack.  But make no mistake, even the most high-budget affair is under scrutiny.  Heaven forbid you knock out a soup course or offer macaroons instead of wedding cake – people will talk!

#1 image that comes up when I search 'tacky weddings' - I think it's fun!

#1 image that comes up when I search 'tacky weddings' - I think it's fun!

Case in point: here’s a site devoted to drawing on ‘tacky’ items!

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How About a Theme Wedding?

January 8th, 2009 by     

Shortly after getting engaged, Calla Lily Dude and I started the all-important “what do we want for our wedding” talk. Among other topics, the idea of a theme wedding came up. Let me just say that Calla Lily Dude is anti-theme wedding because he thinks they are ALL tacky. I have seen themes go over the top and I have seen subtle ones (which I prefer), but each couple has to do what makes them happy….

Even if that means having a Tivo-themed wedding:

Photo from

Photo from

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Wedding Themes: Tacky or Trendy?

December 3rd, 2008 by     

I’m sure when you read the words ‘Wedding Theme’, a shiver went down your spine.

Photo from Magic Media Photography

It’s true that a wedding theme can go horribly and hilariously wrong, but with some careful planning and restraint, it can transform your wedding into a chic and original event. My guests probably couldn’t pinpoint the theme to my wedding, but they noticed that the whole event was somehow tied together.

My wedding, like the photo above, was a Spanish themed event. But to avoid something tacky and over the top, I portrayed my theme with a few choice details: fans and flowers.

Photos by Michael Hawk Photography

By restraining my theme to these elements and incorporating them throughout my wedding, I subtly tied my wedding together into a single cohesive event.

What themes have you considered for your wedding?