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Apple Blossom

DIY Paper Orchids

October 18th, 2012 by     

Hello Garden!  I wanted to share with you a really amazing little DIY that’s super easy and also looks great!  I came across these paper orchids on Ellinee, a beautiful paper and DIY blog that has tons of great ideas for all kinds of events.  All you have to do is print out the template they provide, cut out the pieces and hot glue them together with their easy instructions.  I made these orchids to go on top of my bridesmaids gifts.

They also come in a pretty pink color.  You could even use these in your wedding decor or for a bridal shower; pretty impressive for paper, don’t you think?

Paper Orchid Printable TemplatePhotos (from top to bottom): Ellinee

Orchid Bud

DIY Project Updates

September 21st, 2012 by     

When I first started blogging for Bridal Buds, I talked about my DIY projects I was planning for my wedding.  I had three: ribbon wands, origami cranes and coffee filter peonies.  I promised I would keep you updated, and I realized recently that I hadn’t done that yet.  So here’s an update!

1.  Ribbon Wands

Done! Thanks to some AWESOME women in my church, who agreed to help me with my wedding planning. All 400 ribbon wands are complete! And they were mostly done without me.  I made 10-15 or so of them, and these two wonderful women (one of whom is an interior decorator; the other does wedding planning) decided to do the rest! A day later, these were delivered to my office:

I think they look really great and are going to be a LOT of fun on the big day.  I’m so thankful for the help I received.  There’s NO WAY they would have been done without these lovely ladies.  Now, obviously, they didn’t bring me just three wands.  I just did that for picture purposes so you all could see how they look.

2.  Origami Cranes

Aren’t done yet.  But I’ve been working on them like crazy, and I get closer every day! Mom and Nana Orchid have been helping me with these:

We divided the 1,000 cranes in half.  Five hundred are being strung onto fishing line with pearls to hang from the banisters of the reception hall.  I don’t know how well you can tell that they are all on strings, but this is the only picture I have of them right now.  They are getting stamped with our monogram on it–that’s the plan for right now–and we’re putting them all over the tables, around the cake, on the gift table and every other spot we can find.  When the wedding is over, we’re asking the guests to take them home with them as a wedding favor. It’s really all coming together, and I couldn’t be more excited! It’s just like I pictured it.

3. Coffee Filter Peonies

The initial idea for the coffee filter peonies was to make peonies for my wedding ceremony and use them as bouquets. Well, I have a confession to make.  I changed my mind about peonies.

This is something I’ve actually been wanting to talk to you all about for a while.  The entire flower design I had when I first started planning this wedding has completely changed.  I’m not quite ready to tell you what we are doing for wedding flowers just yet.  Just let me say this instead:  Ever since I took on the Orchid Bud blogger name, Orchids have actually taken over my personal life.  They are everywhere.  I have orchid scented perfumes, I’m currently doing an orchid cross-stitch picture (That’s right. This Orchid Bud cross stitches.  I’m secretly 70-years-old.) and in so many other places.  One of my personal favorites has been a scent from Febreeze called “White Orchid & Bloom”.  If you have not heard of this, go buy it.  Smell it.  Love it.  Come back and thank me.  It literally smells like heaven.  Seriously, when I leave this Earth someday, I know the first thing my nose will find will be this scent.  I bought the candle, the air freshener and the oil for the plug-in in multiples.  I spray the air freshener on my clothes before I put on perfume as I get ready in the morning that way I very lightly smell like it when I leave the house.  I LOVE this scent!  But I digress.

Naturally, this would mean they’ve crossed into my wedding as well. I HAD to represent my Orchid-ness in this wedding somehow, didn’t I?  And boy, have I.  In a pretty cool way.

Now you’re up to speed! Congratulations, you (almost) know as much I as do about this wedding.