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Daisy Bud

Hello from Daisy Bud!

March 21st, 2012 by     

Hello! I am Daisy Bud! I am so excited to be writing for Bridal Buds. I should start off with the fact that my fiance and I are very broke. We get by with the conveniences of life, and we can pay all our bills, but there is little to no money left over for frivolity that costs any cash. So when it was decided that there would be a wedding in our future, I did a lot of math. It will take us two whole years to save for the wedding I dreamed about. I am not comfortable taking on more debt than we already have, (who would in this economy?), so here I am, waiting for a beautiful ring to be paid off so there can be a formal proposal, and trying to pay the day-to-day bills while squirreling away extra money for the wedding.

My finance and I met a year ago through a mutual friend. At the time I was dating someone else, so we remained casual friends. I ended up getting a better job offer further down state, and when I moved the relationship I had ended. My fiance-to-be was not going to let me go that easily! He created a Facebook account just to get in touch with me, and we talked and Skyped for several months long distance, slowly building up a relationship. This was the time that I really felt that I loved this man. The question of him moving down here was eventually brought forward. I intimated that if he were to do that, that there would have to be some real commitment here. I wasn’t willing to move in with anyone I wasn’t going to marry. He assured me he had no other intention. He is the most wonderful person, made perfectly for me. He is my best friend and I couldn’t imagine anyone more perfect if I tried!

I wish I could tell you our engagement story…but that post is going to be epic when it arrives! Expect a lot of !!!!! and OMGs. I guess I will just have to keep you all in suspense like me!

Lilac Blossom

Check the envelopes!

June 8th, 2011 by     

And I seriously mean to check your RSVP card envelopes!

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I’m having a minor panic attack because we received a *really late* RSVP from a couple who couldn’t attend the wedding. Lilac Dude’s mom opened it when it arrived (responses were sent to his folks because they are the only ones not moving right now!). Since it was a “no” response she put it in Lilac Dude’s box. He took the card out of the envelope noticed that the couple was from my section of the list and gave it to me. When I went to slide it into the envelope to deal with later, I noticed a check.

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