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Plumeria Blossom

Plumeria recap 12: Dinner and First Dances

May 19th, 2010 by     

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Now on to the fun part– eating and dancing! I’ll spare everyone all of the photos of our friends and family around each table.

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So You Think You Can Dance?

August 21st, 2009 by     

Wow, it’s amazing how time can slip by.  I know I’ve been MIA, and I apologize for that.  It seems that the period between 60 and 30 days before the wedding have been this weird limbo where I felt like I had a lot that needed to be done, but for one reason or another, they could not be done yet.  But now, we’re only 37 days away and the wedding is coming up fast!  I’ll try to share as much as I can about this last month of our journey toward the wedding.

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Plumeria Blossom

Shall We Dance?

January 9th, 2009 by     

I consider myself a pretty good dancer and I definitely enjoy getting my boogie on when the time is right. Plumeria Dude mainly dances when I drag him onto the dance floor, but he usually has a good time.

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However, we are utterly clueless when it comes to partner dances. Sure, I love watching the awesome routines on So You Think You Can Dance every summer but I’ve got no real world skills in that area. Plumeria Dude and I have no plans to recreate any famous movie scenes, much as I love the trend.

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