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Morning Glory Blossom

Hot-Hot-Hot Favors!

November 28th, 2012 by     

One of the projects my mom and I were able to do together was our favors. My parents used to have a garden and would grow peppers, tomatoes, jalapenos, etc. and every year they would make their own salsa. It got pretty popular among their friends that sometimes they would only have one jar left to themselves!

MG Bear LOVES anything spicy, so I figured why the heck not! My mom was a little leery at how big this was going to be considering we had to make enough for 130 mini jars, but after we talked about it she was beyond happy to have a project to do with me.

We had to chop the project into two days because we could only make 60-70 jars per day. We went out to the local farmer’s markets and road side stands to find the best deals, and you wouldn’t believe that the second weekend we were supposed to finish up the salsa, we couldn’t find tomatoes ANYWHERE! My dad drove around everywhere, and it had been so hot that local places didn’t have many tomatoes! He ended up finding a nursery that gave him a deal, but it ended up costing a little more than we expected to pay.

We were able to finish up the jars two weeks before the wedding, and my mom got assigned to decorating the jars. We got little printable tags made from Etsy and used twine to tie the tags onto the jars. We also put the salsa in Kerr mason jars because it was my maiden name (cute right?!?!), but that also back fired on us because we ordered the jars from Southern States thinking similar to what they looked like online that the lids would have “Kerr” written on them and they didn’t! They were plain so the only place that had the name was on the front of the jars, but they were so small that it was hard to see. We were all super bummed, but we moved on and finished up the project without any other glitches!

Here are some pictures from the whole process!

Here is the final product at the wedding!

Everyone LOVED the favors and some people didn’t even wait until they got home to eat the salsa! We got so many compliments, which made the hard work worth it.

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Daisy Bud

My Wordy Wedding Favors DIY!

August 31st, 2012 by     

I have been so excited for this particular DIY for SO LONG. Now that I’ve finally done it, I think it’s turned out well, but not how I expected. This is one of those DIY projects that went wrong, so I had to scrap it and start again. I think these favors are awesome, so there was no way I was going to give up. I am not going to give you the “pretty” version, because I think you should see all of the horror as it unfolds. All right, I’m exaggerating, but when something I’ve been so looking forward to doing doesn’t turn out, it makes me sad. I will say, I do like the way I changed it up, so in the end, everything went fine.

Here we go!

Materials: (These will change somewhat later, but the nuts and bolts are in the pic)

1) A myriad of scrabble letters (I got mine off of eBay, but they aren’t cheap! I recommend doing this DIY well before your wedding so you can spend cash here and there instead of all at once)

2) Cork Board (you can find this at any Staples, they should hopefully have rolls of it. I got mine for free from a friend)

3) Wood Stain (this is the variable that changes…I DO NOT recommend buying wood stain, you will see as this all unfolds but if you MUST stain, buy a VERY DARK color)

4) Polyurethane or Varnish

5) Wood Glue

6) X-Acto knife (or just a VERY sharp knife)

7) Brush (just have a bunch of brushes on hand really)

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DIY: Heart Stick Props

April 22nd, 2011 by     

The other day while I was getting more supplies for my wedding invitations, I came across these really cute red hearts.  I thought, why not just play around with them and make something fun!  So I went back home, thought of an idea…and walaa…I made hearts on stick that can be used for engagement shoots, DIY photo booth, or you can even make a whole bunch for your guests as fun favors!

They’re super easy to make, not time consuming, and most of all…budget friendly:


Pre-Made Wooden Red Hearts

Large Popsicle Sticks


Favors: Felt Corgi Dogs

April 4th, 2011 by     

A while back ago when I felt like I could do 100 DIY projects, I made these.  At first, I was thinking I could do 350 of these for favors.  But, after about doing 10 of them…that didn’t fall through.  Each one took a while to do, but they turned out really cute!  I made these felt magnet corgi’s in memory of my dog that passed away about a year and a half ago.  They’re now posted on our magnet board.

Bride and Groom Corgi Dogs

The Original Corgi

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DIY: Chalkboard Magnet Frames

March 14th, 2011 by     

I don’t know about you, but I love it when couples incorporate anything with chalkboards into their weddings.  So I decided to give it a shot and design my own frame chalkboards.  I originally designed it to be used as favors, but we shall see.  I decided to go with all different sizes of wooden frames just to see how it would turn out.  Luckily, each frame was $1 at Michaels each!  Here are the results…

Here’s the final product with my magnet felt corgi’s I made a while back.

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Favors for a Cause

February 21st, 2011 by     

Early in my planning process, I decided that we weren’t going to have favors. As much as I love how personalized favors can be, I wanted ours to be “more” than just little gifts for our guests to bring home. I wanted it to mean something.

My Nonna has advanced Alzheimer’s disease. It’s in its final stages: she now doesn’t recognize anyone, isn’t able to follow or contribute to a conversation, needs help to bathe, go to the washroom, and eat. She needs round the clock care, and has been placed in a nursing home for the past three years because of this. It breaks my heart, but we can’t have my Nonna attend the wedding. She is afraid to leave the nursing home, and this wedding – all the people, the different place, the duration of it – would be too much for her.

My Nonna and I, Dec 08

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Bridesmatron Recap: Bridal Shower Details

September 7th, 2010 by     

As you may have read in some of my prior posts, I was invited to be a “bridesmatron” in my friend’s wedding this summer.  Let’s just call this friend “Green”, because that’s her favorite color!  Green’s mom did a great job organizing Green’s bridal shower, and included a lot of personal touches that I wanted to share with the garden!  There was marriage advice collected on pieces of paper that got folded up and put into a picnic basket with some picnic essentials, there was bridal bingo with scratch-off lotto tickets for the winners, there was a beautifully framed picture of Green and her fiance placed at the escort card table for all guests to see upon their arrival, there were green decorations at the tables and on the cake, there was a raffle for each table’s 3-piece candle set centerpiece (which I won!) and there were of course favors.  Green’s ceremony was held outdoors in Long Island in late August (more to come on that!), so Green’s mom gave each shower guest a beautiful wooden fan to help keep cool at the ceremony:

Favor from "Green's" Bridal Shower

Photo taken by Me

Along with the fan came this cute poem:

Thank you for attending Green’s shower.
Now, we are looking forward to that special hour!
Please bring this fan as we celebrate the joining
of Green and her mate, on August 28th!

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Maga Blossom

Something Special For My Girls

December 7th, 2009 by     

Bridesmaids gifts are one of those subjects that I keep wondering about. I continue debating on personalized gifts for each girl and then I ask myself if they will be comparing their gift to the other ladies. Then, I think about playing it safe by going with the same style across the board.

Image from Your Best Friends Wedding website

Image from Your Best Friends Wedding website

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DIY Garden Themed Favours

June 5th, 2009 by     

My mom has been very busy this past month planning my family Bridal Shower. She’s been so excited with every aspect of the planning that she found it hard to keep it a secret, so I’ve been let in on various details of the shower.

Along the way, a theme began to develop: Spring Garden. My mom absolutely loves to garden and it was really fun to watch her incorporate aspects of this hobby into a really great sounding shower.  One of her favorite projects was the favours – a cute garden trowel and seed combo.

Individual trowels and seed packets

Individual trowels and seed packets

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DIY: OOT Guest Hotel Bags

April 22nd, 2009 by     

My OOT bags are done!  Here they are.  They just need to be filled…

Step 1:  Ordered the plain canvas totes from  I ordered 25 bags for $37.54 with shipping.  I also considered making them with some cute vintage fabrics that I had left over from past projects, but thought this would be more time efficient.

Step 2:  I did this the hard way, because I didn’t know what I exactly wanted to do with them.  I used 1 Gocco screen and just changed out the paint colors after cleaning them each time.   If I had known before what I wanted to do, I would have done 1 screen with California written 4 times, then used the ink blocking material between each word and used the different colors.  Also, make sure you are using fabric paint.

Out of town Guest Bags

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