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Rose Bud

Engagement Photos (Round 1)

November 9th, 2012 by     

This past weekend Rose Dude and I had our first round of engagement pictures taken. Although we have been fortunate to have really nice weather here in Oregon, I wanted to wait until the end of summer/early fall for our horse pictures to be taken. The reason? I wanted to have the ground dry enough so that we could have our favorite animal, hobby and family members in our pictures, our HORSES!

My friend Barb is an amazing photographer and has a lot of experience in taking horse pictures, so I asked her to take some pictures of us with our special four-legged friends. Bryon’s horse did really well (he is the dark brown horse) and my girl, Annie, also did well with the exception of trying to get her ears to perk forward (we were lucky a couple times)

In two weeks we are going to have a second round of pictures with Bryon’s kids, and I am really looking forward to having these taken as well. Hopefully soon after, I can order our save-the-date cards.

Best wishes!

Rose Bud

Barb did an amazing job of capturing the beauty of our horses


Violet Bud

Engagement Pictures

June 22nd, 2012 by     

A few weeks ago our photographer came up to Cleveland on a beautiful day with clear blue skies…and a high of 90 degrees. Only in Ohio can we go from 45 the weekend we originally scheduled to 90 the day we rescheduled to a few weeks later. We tried to keep our cool and despite blasting the AC from one location to another, we made it through and I am thrilled to show you our pictures!

Our pictures were taken by Joe from J Bauer Productions at Lakewood Park in Lakewood, Ohio (Where Violet Dude and I had our first date AND where he proposed to me!) and also at Cleveland State University, where we met and go to school. I’m not going to write any more, other than about how happy we are with how our pictures turned out! Here they are!

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Morning Glory Blossom

Our Football Engagement Pictures

February 7th, 2012 by     

We had our first engagement session done this weekend!

Let me tell you a little bit of background. MG Bear and I are HUGE football fans, even to the point that our colors and theme of our wedding revolves around our teams colors! So, we decided to do our first engagement session with a football theme. If you read my previous post, you know that I still have 2 more sessions to go! 😉

The place we had our pictures taken is nowhere special, beautiful or exotic. It’s actually the football field I grew up cheerleading on for the local boys and girls club football teams, so it was more of a sentimental thing for me. Reference this picture below with Morning Glory Mom circa 1994! :)


MG Bear and I had custom jerseys made from with our wedding date, him in number 9 and myself in number 15 (September 15th) and his last name on the back! I have to admit I totally stole the idea from someone on Pinterest, but I thought it was the cutest thing to put on our Save the Date’s!

Enjoy! :)

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Peach Bud

Under the Boardwalk…Engagement Photo Recap

August 2nd, 2011 by     

Mr. Peach and I took our engagement photos a few weeks ago.  Leading up to the day, I was pretty anxious to say the least.  Between trying to find the perfect outfits for both of us, stressing over back up dates in case it rained and hoping that our photographer would capture the true “us” I drove myself (and everyone else I came in contact with) literally nuts.

We had decided to take our engagement photos down the shore.  To give you guys some background, Mr. Peach and I first began dating briefly in high school before taking a relationship hiatus.  However, during that hiatus, we remained close friends and often would spend our summers home from college hanging out together down the shore.  We had thought about getting married in a shore venue,but couldnt find one that was the right fit.  So, we thought that having our engagement photos capture a place that was so important to our relationship would be nice.

The night before the pictures I was still scrambling to put together the perfect outfit.  We had decided to go with a blue theme, since we would be down the shore and the blue with the ocean would look nice, and Mr. Peach happens to look very nice in a blue striped shirt.  I had a cute navy dress that was comfortable yet appropriate for the beach shoot but couldnt put my finger on what was missing.  At the last minute I decided to grab a chunky beaded aqua necklace that I have to bring with me just for safe keeping.  Well, let me tell you-it turned out to be the star of the show!

The weather that day could not have been better.  I think I had the best day of my entire 26 years on this earth.  Our photographer was INCREDIBLE, and put us at complete ease immediately and really showed us his passion and enthusiasm for capturing other people.  We could not have asked for a better person to partner with for our wedding, so Scott, if you’re reading this-Thank you!

So here are some highlights of the shoot!

Walking along the water

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Honeysuckle Bud

Our Engagement Pictures are in!

June 28th, 2011 by     

Mr. Honey and I flew out to Tampa, Florida at the beginning of June to get some Wedding stuff (Menu tasting, Venue tour, Meet Bridal Consultant, etc.) and while we were there we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get our Engagement pictures taken! We live in the Midwest so we thought the beach would make it unique and special to us!

We worked with Richard from Richard Harrell Photography out of Tampa, FL and I can not say enough good things about him and his wife, Heather! They were sooo much fun to work with! Mr. Honey absolutely despises getting his picture taken and even HE had a great time! That’s speaks very highly of Richard & Heather.

Well yesterday I just got my DVD in the mail of all of our images, which means that I can now upload them online! I just had to share a few of our favorites with you guys! Thank’s for looking!

Our Favorite! Paint the Dress Session!

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Engagement Photo Props

June 9th, 2011 by     

I’ve always been one to put a lot of thought and creativity into things so I figured our engagement pictures should be no exception. Just like our outfits, it took me a long time to decide what props we wanted to use for our pictures. I knew we wanted to take the pictures at the park where we got engaged and we actually had a prop already there: the picnic table that Apricot Dude carved into when he asked me to marry him. After doing some research it suddenly dawned on me, use a chalkboard silly! Apricot Dude is a teacher so it was perfectly fitting for us! I also wanted something a bit more fun so as I was walking around the toy section at Target I came across some giant bubble wands! The pictures with the bubble wands didn’t turn out exactly as I thought but it made for some great effects in other pictures, like the one below.

I’m all about using props. It adds so much character and personality to the pictures, in my opinion. What are some other cute prop ideas you’ve seen?

Pictures by Bh Photography

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Oh decisions, decisions…Engagement Outfits 101

June 8th, 2011 by     

So we had our engagement pictures taken (finally) last week. First of all- let me just say that is was an absolute blast!!! Our photographers are amazing! But one of the most stressful things I had to do was decide what in the world Apricot Dude and I were going to wear! Let me share what we decided to go with, then provide some tips on how to pick and show you how they turned out!

I knew I wanted two different types of pictures. First, I wanted to do some more traditional, formal pictures that I know my Grandma would love. Secondly, I simply wanted some that were us. In jeans and comfy shirts, flip flops….just being ourselves! I was fortunate to find a dress for our more formal pictures that I LOVED. So I had one outfit down. Now onto number two- and I had no idea. I seriously think I bought 5 or 6 different shirts. I knew I wanted something solid, light colored and that sort of matched our wedding colors (peachy/corals/greens). Finally, I made a decision. Well, I thought I had. The day of our pictures, I had a few minutes to kill before my hair appointment so I ran into Banana Republic. Just browsing, I came across this fabulous shirt that I knew I wanted to wear for our pictures. It was like it was just calling for me! So I bought it and it turned out to be perfect!

Now for Apricot Dude….he was pretty open to basically whatever I thought would look nice. We settled on his favorite yellow button down shirt and khakis for our more formal pictures and jeans and polo for the others. It did take us quite a few stores to find a light green polo that we thought would look great with mine. (Quick word of advice: we found the EXACT same Tommy Hilfinger polo at TJMaxx for half the price of Macy’s!)

Here are a few tips that I have when looking for engagement outfits because there certainly are LOTS of decisions to make:

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Engagement Photography

May 25th, 2011 by     

If a picture says a thousand words, why are we all writing long invitations? Can’t I just post card everyone a photo and just leave it at that? Sounds like a good plan to me.

Engagement photos can say a lot, especially if you’re including them with invitations and on wedding blogs/websites. It’s more than just a documentation of how you looked on that day. Just as the style of the invitation may say lot about the wedding so can the photo. When the invitation arrives in the mail the invite is the first peek that the guests have at the theme and style of the wedding. Is it going to be formal, causal? Beach style, Vintage, dress-up, casual, a BBQ or picnic? If that invite can convey that much, even before reading the details, then a photo included can say even more. What does your photo say about you? What does your photo say about your wedding?

The number one thing for me would be for the friends/relatives that know us well to look at the photo and say, “that’s so Daisy Bud and Mr. Daisy.” I spent a long time debating if we were going to include engagement photos in our invitations, we decided to do it because the only decent picture of us together was one taken on a cell phone 3 years ago. (it really is a pretty cute picture), But, we thought it would be good to have something a bit nicer. The hard thing about photos for us in general is that Mr. Daisy is a photographer and so we almost never get in a photo together.

We have a great Wedding Photographer, Vanessa Menendez. She primarily does editorials, headshots and pageant photography. Fortunately she’s a good friend and we were able to snag her for the wedding, engagement photos, and a session of head shots for me.  We met up in a sweet location about 20 minutes away from where I live and we took my headshots (of which I was in desperate need) and then headed off to the park to do the engagement photos we’re hoping to include in our invites.

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Engagement Photos: Getting A Camera-Shy Groom In Front Of The Camera

March 3rd, 2011 by     

My fiancé, Apple Sauce, does not like to have his picture taken. For as long as I’ve known him, and as far back as his childhood memories reach. He says it’s because he’s a “private person” — so he probably doesn’t appreciate me blogging about it, whoops! — and he doesn’t like to be the center of attention.

As you’d expect, this poses a problem pertaining to our wedding, i.e. the most photographed day of our lives. So before we ended up with a photo album full of shots of a bride without a groom, we needed to tackle the issue head on, to throw him into the belly of the beast and work through his fears with a little immersion therapy. We did an engagement shoot … in public.

© Matt McDonough, 2011

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Poppy Bud

Engagement Photos

October 13th, 2010 by     

This past weekend Poppy Dude and I made the two hour journey home with our friend and photographer, Toni of TM2 Photography. As we set out that morning the air was cool and crisp…it was the perfect fall morning. I had been sick earlier in the week and was happy to be feeling better for our session. I can’t tell you how happy we were that Toni agreed to come home with us! Toni has taken many pictures of us in Lincoln, but for our engagement pictures Poppy Dude and I wanted the backdrops to be familiar places, places that hold meaning to us. Our session was an all day event! We took pictures in my backyard in the morning, and headed out to the church where we are to be married after lunch so everybody could take a look around. After that we headed to the family farm where Poppy Dude grew up. Toni was nice enough to share some proofs with me to share with you! Here are a few of our favorites:

photo credit to TM2 Photography

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