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Dogwood Blossom

Our Sunset

October 12th, 2010 by     

As you know, the goal of our beach wedding was to get married at sunset.  We had read so many wonderful things about sunsets in the Florida Keys, and had even seen amazing pictures of them.  We figured we would be lucky if we got even half a sunset as some of the shots we had seen.  Wow, was I in total awe once we arrived in Key Largo and had a chance to witness the amazing beauty with our own eyes.

Here are a few of my favorite sunset shots that absolutely took my breath away!

wedding wedding planning wedding photography , Sunset 1

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Dogwood Blossom

Our Dance Party

September 8th, 2010 by     

The one and only thing we knew for sure going into our planning was that we wanted our wedding to be a laid back beach vacation and heck of a good time for our guests.  A time for everyone to cut loose,  relax and forget about the worries back at home.  We knew the only way to accomplish this with our family and friends was to give everyone a high stepping, fist pumping, booty shaking dance party where everyone could release some tension with not a care in the world… WOW, was that a success!

I spent countless hours listening to music, reading every wedding song list and even sent out song requests to friends.  I wanted to make sure we had a perfect mix to get everyone in a good mood.  I came up with roughly 15 songs that I thought embodied our style and passed it on to our DJ, Daniel at Event My Way, and told him to work his magic! Of course there was a separate list of songs we didn’t want played… your typical wedding party songs, but our biggest request was that there would be NO slow songs except our first dance and Daddy/Daughter dance.  Since we were doing a destination wedding, I was never able to meet Daniel in person, just have a couple of phone conversations with him.  We spoke for a total of about an hour, and I have never been so impressed with someone who can read you like a book in that short period of time.  He knew exactly what we wanted based on my short list and our phone conversations and we ended up with a killer mix of 80s, dance hits and classic rock that kept everyone on the dance floor all night long! There were even times when I disappeared to talk to someone, only to show back up on the dance floor and be shunned to the carpet because there wasn’t room on the floor! It was absolutely amazing and more than we ever hoped for! I am still getting comments to this day about how much fun people had dancing the night away!  And in case you don’t believe me regarding the fun, here are some pictures to prove it!

wedding wedding reception wedding planning destination wedding , Harris Photography olliff 177

Dogwood Dude and friends... there was a lot of terrible singing going on!

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Engagement Pictures..To Do or Not To Do

September 2nd, 2010 by     

Hydrangea Dude and I got engaged nine months ago and are excited about our upcoming wedding in April.  Once we got engaged, we knew that there were a few vendors we wanted to secure right away including the photographer.  In my opinion, a great photographer is very important in capturing what will be the best day of my life, so I wanted to make sure I did my research.  After a friend recommendation, we chose Emily Harris Photography, a photographer who works near where we will be married in South Florida.  After meeting Emily in person, we knew that she would be a perfect match for our personalities as well as capture beautiful moments.

One thing we debated right away was getting engagement pictures.  I don’t know about any of you future brides, but for some reason, I just couldn’t understand why we needed pictures of ourselves all lovey dovey and posed before our actual wedding.  In my head, I wanted to be different and not send out a photo as a save the date, so I just couldn’t see the reason why to do it.  So, we debated.  Should we get engagement pictures or have Emily come and take pictures at our rehearsal dinner as well?

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Dogwood Blossom

Our Little Details

September 2nd, 2010 by     

I love looking at photos of other’s weddings as I really enjoying searching for the small details, the little things that we may sometimes overlook.  As you all know, I had run the wedding gauntlet in the years leading up to my moment, and for so many of those weddings, I never paid attention to the little things; like bouquets, accessories, table numbers, guest books and even cakes and centerpieces… all the things that you can use to show your personality. Of course once I started planning my own wedding, these things became much more pronounced and I started pulling inspiration from every wedding I attended!

Here are a few shots of some of our small details, that I absolutely loved!

wedding wedding planning jewelry wedding flowers destination wedding , flowers1

My bouquet... I never would have thought these things would be so heavy!

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Dogwood Blossom

Our Ceremony

August 24th, 2010 by     

“The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved, loved for ourselves and especially in spite of our selves. It is never being too old to hold hands. It is remembering to say I love you at least once a day. It is never going to sleep angry.  It is at no time taking the other for granted. It is standing together to face the world and forming a circle of love that gathers the entire family. It is doing things for each other, in the spirit of joy, not sacrifice. It is speaking words of appreciation. It is cultivating flexibility, patience, understanding and A GOOD SENSE OF HUMOR! It is having the capacity to forgive and forget.  It is allowing each other to grow.”

I thought I would start this post with one of my favorite parts of our ceremony.  Our ceremony was short and sweet, and I mean 10 minutes short, but what that ceremony packed into those 10 minutes will live forever in my heart.  I was able to stay pretty calm, only slightly crying once when Dogwood Dude began his vows, and there were times when I could feel myself bouncing up and down like a child due to the excitement.  What I will remember most of all is the look on Dogwood Dude’s face (minus the sun that was shining in his eyes), and him stating the words “I give you my hand, my heart, and my love, from this day forward for as long as we both shall live.”

wedding wedding planning , Ceremony 3

"I will cherish our union and love you more each day than I did the day before."

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Dogwood Blossom

Our First Sight

July 20th, 2010 by     

Hi Everyone! I’m back! We had such an amazing time that words can not even begin to describe our experience at the wedding and on the honeymoon.  Our wedding was everything we could have ever imagined and much, much more! From the beach to the flowers to the massive party that ensued, we will always remember that day as the best day of our lives!

I wanted to kick off my wedding posts by sharing with you the best decision we made during the entire process of planning our wedding… the decision to see each other before the wedding.  Thanks to our amazing photographer, Emily Harris, for even suggesting it! I know that many choose to go the traditional route, and I thought we would too, but if you are comfortable to forgo that tradition, we highly suggest having that special moment before the wedding!

wedding wedding planning wedding photography nontraditional destination wedding , trees

Moments after first seeing each other!

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Dogwood Blossom

Utilizing Props on Location

May 28th, 2010 by     

To Dogwood Dude and me, our photographer was one of the most important vendors we booked.  Finding someone who shares your vision, and will document every minute of your beautiful day, is hands down one of the hardest decisions to make.  We are so happy with our photographer, Emily Harris, and have started scouting out our venue for beautiful…and different spots for photos.  We are trying to think outside the box, and really showcase everything that our venue has to offer.  As I started to think about it, I kept running across amazing photos of “props” on location that I thought some of you may be able to use.  Maybe this can help you think outside the box and catch amazing photos of things you might not have envisioned before.

I’ll start with this one…and yes I am a little biased because this was actually taken at our venue, the Key Largo Grande.  I also really like the idea of lush greenery surrounding a simple hammock, and let’s face it, I know my feet are going to be begging for a break!

wedding wedding planning , Emily Harris 2

Emily Harris Photography

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