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Wedding Music: Toeing The Line Between ‘Hip’ And ‘Hipster’

February 7th, 2011 by     

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I don’t know about you guys, but I am ready to PARTY at my wedding. And no party is complete without a bangin’ soundtrack. That’s why booking the right talent was top of our planning priorities list.

When we looked for DJs, we kept an eye out for those familiar with the club scene — someone who could layer beats and keep the flow going — rather than the ones who are equipped with party “extras” like plastic leis and inflatable saxophones. And we were pleased to find out that what we were looking for — a chill yet adept table jockey — is much cheaper than the guy who pulls up in a party bus.

So how’d we vet these dudes? I administered a mini DJ test…
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Plumeria Blossom

Plumeria recap 13: Dance Party USA

May 24th, 2010 by     

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During wedding planning, Plumeria Dude and I had a running joke about our “one thing.” You know, the one wedding thing you absolutely can’t live without. For Plumeria Dude, that one thing was either a dinosaur groom’s cake (so he could shove the dinosaur butt in my face) or maybe to have obnoxious facial hair or to wear a tuxedo t-shirt instead of a suit. It’s all a blur to me now.

My one thing? Was for the reception to be an awesome dance party. And I think we did pretty well on that front.

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Plumeria Blossom

Music to My Ears: The Ceremony

April 27th, 2009 by     

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Music is very important to Plumeria Dude and I. We were both college radio DJs back in the day and have an appreciation for all kinds of music. I used to sing in various groups in high school and even played the violin for a few years. I think that’s why I didn’t want traditional wedding songs like Canon in D– I’ve played them a million times!

We decided to look for live musicians for the ceremony and cocktail hour, and go for a DJ for the dinner and reception music. Personally, I’ve cut it up on the dance floor at weddings with everything from an iPod to a full wedding band, but there’s something special about live musicians playing as you’re walking down the aisle.

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Plumeria Blossom

Shall We Dance?

January 9th, 2009 by     

I consider myself a pretty good dancer and I definitely enjoy getting my boogie on when the time is right. Plumeria Dude mainly dances when I drag him onto the dance floor, but he usually has a good time.

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However, we are utterly clueless when it comes to partner dances. Sure, I love watching the awesome routines on So You Think You Can Dance every summer but I’ve got no real world skills in that area. Plumeria Dude and I have no plans to recreate any famous movie scenes, much as I love the trend.

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