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Apple Blossom

Purple, White and Black Bridal Shower

January 10th, 2013 by     

I was just browsing through all of my posts and just realized that I never did share with the garden pictures from my bridal shower back in August … oops!  So, now’s a good as time as ever, right?  Yes, I’m a newlywed and loving my married life, but my bridal shower was one of my favorite moments leading up to the wedding.

My bridesmaids with the help of my mom put on a beautiful shower, and the highlight could have easily been the dessert table!  I loved my little cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes; it was delicious!  One of my bridesmaids ordered the cake, and also little tiny cakes for guests to take home which everyone just loved.  So, here’s a few of my favorite details from the day:

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Sunflower Bud

An Alice in Wonderland-Themed Bridal Shower

January 2nd, 2013 by     

My bridal shower was thrown by my sister/MOH and bridesmaids.  It was a complete surprise and turned out fantastic.  They know I have a fondness for Alice in Wonderland, so all they did was class it up a little, and it turned out to be the perfect theme. My sister also set up a ton of games for us to play, including lingerie limbo. They tied new lingerie to a broomstick, and we limbo-ed! Plus, I got to keep all the goodies!  Also, that whole toilet paper dress game, I thought I’d hate it, but it turned out to be pretty amusing.  I’ve upload some photos here so you can see!

A little advice–make sure you have your guests mark off on the registry what they bought you. A few things weren’t marked off, and we got three sets of dishes! Yikes! Thankfully, it was an easy exchange. We basically have a brand new kitchen now, I’m very lucky!

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Poinsettia Blossom

Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

August 10th, 2011 by     

As an attendee of a bridal shower, you may ask yourself, “What gift do I bring?”

Some go the safe route and buy from the wedding registry, while others choose a more creative route.  .

If you are attending a bridal shower and need gift ideas, READ ON!

Option #1: Wine Basket Poem

This gift is super EASY and simply AWESOME! The wine basket comes with six cute poems for each wine bottle that signifies the first six big days the new couple will face during their marriage.  You know the typical, Wedding Night Celebration, First Fight, First Baby, etc.

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Poinsettia Blossom

Bridal Shower Fun With a Mad Hatter Tea Party

May 6th, 2011 by     

My sister & maid of honor recently sent out invitations to my bridal shower that will take place in mid-July.  The details have been “Top Secret” and completely under wraps.  She is one of the most creative people I know so even though I absolutely hate surprises, I knew I was in good hands.

And boy, was I right?  Last week, I received this cute little invite in the mail & now I am over the moon with excitement! The surprise?  A mad hatter tea party themed shower!

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Lilac Blossom

A Lovely Shower

April 19th, 2011 by     

My Maid of Honor along with my bridesmaids threw me a lovely shower a couple of weeks ago. It was held at the beautiful Sippo Lake Clubhouse. It was a shower-themed shower.

MOH made the centerpieces with her Cricut. I think they were really pretty and sparkly.And the favors were bath salts and loofahs in greens and blues.

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Bridal Shower Planning Help Needed

April 7th, 2011 by     

As I said in a previous post I’m the MOH in my best friend’s wedding, which is taking place this September, so I’m currently working on more stuff for her wedding than mine, mine isn’t until October 2012 so we have plenty of time. On my to do list is her bridal shower and bachelorette party which are taking place in June in Florida. For the shower we will be having lunch at Carraba’s. Since they don’t open until 4pm we’ll have the restaurant to ourselves so that will be nice. We will be decorating with flowers on the tables and balloons around our area. Her wedding colors are pink and black so I’m trying to incorporate those colors into the shower and bachelorette party as well.

I’m working on the guest book, place cards, games, and favors. I have help from her Mom and the other BM’s but I’m trying to come up with the concepts. For the guest book I plan on doing a guest book picture frame but I’m open to other ideas if anyone has any. I thought this would be something they could put in the house afterward. I really like being able to reuse items that are bought for weddings and wedding related events.

I’m debating on the place cards, have you all used place cards at your showers? I could go either way on this but if I find something I like I might end up doing them to add a little more decoration. If you have any cute ideas that would be great.

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Lilac Blossom

My Sister’s Shower

December 9th, 2010 by     

Even before I was the Maid of Honor, I was planning my sister’s bridal shower. Our mom was much more helpful in planning this than the original MOH. Her shower was unique because it was Pampered Chef so we ate yummy food and no one had to wrap a gift.

I designed the invitation even though the Pampered Chef lady sent a generic one out also.

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Bridesmatron Recap: Bridal Shower Details

September 7th, 2010 by     

As you may have read in some of my prior posts, I was invited to be a “bridesmatron” in my friend’s wedding this summer.  Let’s just call this friend “Green”, because that’s her favorite color!  Green’s mom did a great job organizing Green’s bridal shower, and included a lot of personal touches that I wanted to share with the garden!  There was marriage advice collected on pieces of paper that got folded up and put into a picnic basket with some picnic essentials, there was bridal bingo with scratch-off lotto tickets for the winners, there was a beautifully framed picture of Green and her fiance placed at the escort card table for all guests to see upon their arrival, there were green decorations at the tables and on the cake, there was a raffle for each table’s 3-piece candle set centerpiece (which I won!) and there were of course favors.  Green’s ceremony was held outdoors in Long Island in late August (more to come on that!), so Green’s mom gave each shower guest a beautiful wooden fan to help keep cool at the ceremony:

Favor from "Green's" Bridal Shower

Photo taken by Me

Along with the fan came this cute poem:

Thank you for attending Green’s shower.
Now, we are looking forward to that special hour!
Please bring this fan as we celebrate the joining
of Green and her mate, on August 28th!

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Maga Blossom

Bridal Shower Games

June 18th, 2010 by     

I am still remembering the great time me and my ladies had at the bridal shower. They all competed for the best designed TP Bridal Gown. I was the judge and MOH was the moderator and timekeeper.

I didn’t realize the ladies would get so serious about the game. The competition was tough and it obviously made my decision more challenging.

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Maga Blossom

Bridal Shower Theme: Wedding Dress

June 16th, 2010 by     

Yesterday was my bridal shower and I had fun from start to finish. My Matron of Honor along with my bridesmaids and mother-in-law, did an outstanding job organizing the shower. They went for one theme and that was the wedding dress. I’ve been dreaming and telling everyone about my journey of finding the ONE dress for me and this bridal shower was a great way to celebrate.

The following images are the fantastic ideas that my bridal party used to portray the theme.

Maga Bud with her minitature bridal gown. You'll also notice the Ivory gift card box with the tiffany blue ribbon.

Maga Bud with her minitature bridal gown. You'll also notice the Ivory gift card box with the tiffany blue ribbon.

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