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Lilac Blossom

Pre-wedding weekend dichotomy

June 6th, 2011 by     

The Bachelorette Party:

Myself and a few friends are headed North to the closest “big city” for a weekend filled with a photo scavenger hunt, some pottery, possibly a movie (Bridesmaids, of course!), the traditional bar hop and an epic slumber party. This sounds amazing to me!

{photo from}

The Bachelor Party:

My groom and nearly every guy he knows are headed South to the country for a camping trip that includes four wheeling, target shooting, grilling, drinking and sleeping in tents. (As well as I’m told, burping, farting, not showering and all those things you can’t do around women)

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Lilac Blossom

Party Themes

August 24th, 2010 by     

I was browsing through my wedding follow list on Twitter and stumbled across this blog post on Bride Tide. It got me thinking about party themes especially since we’ve been discussing my sister’s bridal shower.

Check out the blog post to read about this party theme (Photo from The Bride Tide Blog)

Since I can’t throw all of these parties and I’m just bursting with theme ideas, allow me to burst here in a blog.

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Cartagena Wedding Day 1 – Bachelor/rette parties

June 7th, 2009 by     

Dear bridalbuds… I have been missing in action for a couple of months because of all my wedding planning… but I am now a married woman! I’m so happy it is hard to describe in words how I feel… Our wedding turned out better than expected, not a single mistake, not a single regret, and all our guests left saying “We have never seen something like this and don’t think another wedding will ever top this one!”…. which was exactly our goal.

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