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Hydrangea Bud

Burlap, Barns and Bottles of Wine: Our Search for the Perfect Venue

August 12th, 2013 by     

Mr. Hydrangea and I had discussed a few details about our wedding before we were engaged, including the fact that we would like to get married at my family church, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Massillon.  My grandparents, parents, and both of my sisters were married there, and we wanted to continue the tradition.  That was the easy decision.  Then we moved on to determining the perfect reception venue, which proved to be more difficult than we ever would’ve anticipated.


Our Ceremony Location - St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Massillon, Ohio


We looked at a variety of venues, from vineyards, to barns, banquet halls, and a few golf courses. We ran in to a few unexpected problems along the way.  We quickly found that what looked good on paper, didn’t always match what looked good in person.  We also learned that there are a lot of people planning November 2014 weddings.  At least two venues were booked solid through November 2014 (for Saturdays) and many others had very few dates available.  We literally walked in to an office to look at available dates as the couple that booked our date was walking out.  We weren’t sold on the venue at the time, but by the time we go to it, it wasn’t even an option!

We also found that many venues are simply not an option in November due to the colder weather.  We checked out a beautiful vineyard in North Canton, Ohio, only to learn that the pavilion we wanted to rent wasn’t an option in the colder months of the year, including November.  We were also told by every golf course that we contacted that they would not be willing to hold a wedding in a tent any later than early October.

After considering what seems like 500 venues, the process was becoming frustrating and overwhelming.  Mr. Hydrangea and I sat down and really talked about what we wanted in a venue.  We decided on three key attributes to look for in a reception space: 1) enough space for our growing guest list, 2) close proximity to our ceremony location, and 3) a blank canvas to decorate as we wish (I love to DIY, as you know!).  After making our list of must-haves, we were able to narrow down on our options much more easily.  Just days later we decided on the perfect reception venue.  The Santa Maria Ballroom at the Massillon Knights of Columbus was the closest we had come to a blank canvas, where My. Hydrangea’s mother and I could get crafy and make it our own.  The K of C is also literally up the street from our church AND it holds up to 500 people!  And so it was decided – Knights of Columbus it is!

The Santa Maria Ballroom at the Massillon Knights of Columbus

I am beyond releived to have made a decision about our venue and am hopeful that when all is said and done, I can say that the venue search was the most stressful aspect of planning our wedding.

What wedding detail has been most stressful for you?




Cotton Bud

Getting Married In A Garden

January 28th, 2013 by     

Since I was very young, I have been in love with gardens. I was rivoted as I first watched “The Secret Garden.” I fantasize about someday creating my own lush, green hidaway in the backyard of my future home. This being said, I’m excited to say that the venue for both our ceremony and reception will be at the Amarillo Botanical Gardens.

The event coordinator, Misty, was very helpful and answered all of my questions and more when I scheduled my appointment to have a look around. The venue is reasonably priced for a wedding on a budget. I’m thrilled about the location.

My future mother-in-law was a little disappointed at first that the ceremony would not be in a church. However, the more she looks at the pictures of the venue, the more she is getting excited.

Because the garden is so beautiful, the ceremony decorations can be kept to a minimum. I’m thinking just of adding little embellishments to the trellis that Mr. Cotton and I will be standing under will be sufficient. I can save most of my decorating budget for the reception, which I’ve actually decided to have in the garden’s indoor banquet hall. It’s a beautiful room with a glorious chandelier. I’m hoping to carry the garden theme into the indoors space as well.

Our posed wedding pictures will be taken in the tropical conservatory – a mostly glass building. There are tons of beautiful, exotic flowers and a waterfall. I’m pumped for other photo opportunities around the garden as well!

I would say that the Amarillo Botanical Gardens have captured my imagination. I cannot imagine a more beautiful place to get married.

Strawberry Bud

Venue Choice

January 23rd, 2013 by     

I will admit that I had been planning our wedding (in my head) LONG before a proposal was in the works. A girl can dream, right? When it came down to thinking about where we would have the wedding there was no clear location. I am from South Carolina and SD is from Florida, but his family now lives in Georgia, and we now live in Mississippi. There was no central location for us. I never had the dream of getting married in my hometown or in a church. I knew I wanted something a bit different. So, on a vacation to Florida with his family, the subject of weddings came up, and I casually mentioned that I loved his Aunt and Uncle’s home. I thought it would be a perfect place for a small wedding. Little did I know, his Aunt would say yes right then and as soon as the ring was on the finger, the real planning began. We will be having a small family wedding in Alabama. A location central to no one in our family, so everyone will be traveling. However, I think this will be such a special place to say, “I DO” because every time we visit them, we can think back on our special day with our family and friends and just enjoy all of those memories. The home features a beautiful lake, and we will be having the ceremony on the dock! I cannot wait to share pictures of the day so you can see just how beautiful it is there!

When it comes down to picking your venue my advice would be to make sure it fits your personality and your budget. Also, make sure you feel special about the place and that you will not regret having your ceremony there one day. How did you go about picking your wedding venue?

Rose Bud

We Have Reserved Our Venue!

August 23rd, 2012 by     

Rose Dude and I have been engaged for five months and have one year remaining to  plan our wedding. Seems like a lot of time but looking at the grand scheme of things, the time has already flown by! I wish I could make my dish/laundry pile disappear so quickly….

When I started searching for a wedding venue for our wedding I had a couple of things in mind that were set in stone: Outside, some sort of cover in case it rains (Oregon weather is so unpredictable), shade from the sun (again, Oregon weather) and somewhere local for our friends and family. I scoured the area in search of a great venue that we could have our ceremony as well as the reception. To my delight, I found Yellowgold Farm.

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Daisy Bud

How Do I Cover the Walls?

August 17th, 2012 by     

We are in love with our venue! It’s so exciting to put a date to our wedding, it’s almost like giving it life. Now it’s really time to put the nose to the grindstone (so to speak…if you actually did that…ouch) and figure out how to decorate the space. It’s great to brainstorm and plan and pin a gazillion pictures to your Pinterest boards, but now that there is a clear venue I can really begin to specifically plan for the space.

I’m sure if you are out there looking around the wedding world you’ve seen a TON of rustic barn weddings. It always seems like the couple found the perfect ready-made barn for their big day, it’s always sunny and wonderful and they had access to all the vintage furniture they needed. My friends, no location is perfect, kinda like a relationship, there are always things that could use a little sprucing up.

While our venue comes (literally) with tons of vintage items just lying around for use, the walls of the barn are decorated with a sort of fishing theme that doesn’t quite go with the decor I was envisioning. This is Maine, so the fishing theme is certainly appropriate for the area! So now I am faced with the challenge of covering up large expanses of wall decor that can’t be removed.

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Sunflower Bud

Our Venue

July 25th, 2012 by     

Hello Buds! I have a pretty cute story about how me and FH found our venue. It all started last fall when I took him to the apple orchard I always visited with my family when I was a girl.  After our successful apple picking endeavor, FH could not stop talking about how much he loved the place.  It is kind of like a little piece of country in our big ol’ city.  A nice breath of fresh air.

We purchased our apples, got into the car and headed down the road when we came to a stop.  Our jaws fell open when we saw a handful of young women walking across the street into the historic Smith Barn in matching, tea-length green dresses followed shortly after by a woman in a strapless, sparkling white ballgown! This was a bridal party, crossing the street right in front of our eyes.  Sunflower Dude and I turned to each other and had an unspoken moment where we made the decision. THIS was where we wanted to get married. This place was perfect.

The next day, after a night of Googling, Yelping, and whatever other way we could get information on this barn, we called the event coordinator, Tammy.  She had an opening that weekend where we could go into the barn and get a feel for the place, as well as find out pricing and any open dates that they may have had left.  The inside of the barn was just as gorgeous, if not more, than the outside.  She told us a little story of a bride who wanted to hang up Christmas lights inside the barn, and they accommodated her.

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Daisy Bud

We’ve Picked a Date & Found A Barn!

July 16th, 2012 by     

So it happened! The thing I never thought would happen because it was taking forever. After waiting all this time, dealing with nasty venue people, and waiting some more, we have FINALLY picked a venue AND a date! I have to say it’s a little surreal to put a number on it. It hasn’t sunk in, it probably won’t until I’m in the dress and walking down the aisle. So OF COURSE I’m going to give you the details!

We have chosen Edgewood Farm on Deer Isle, Maine as our venue location and August 24th, 2013 as our official wedding date! The drive out to the venue is a long one, about three hours from my house and probably about four or five from the nearest airport, but you cannot argue with the fact that it’s a gorgeous scenic drive! Maine, especially in the summertime, is just wonderful. It almost (I said almost) makes the winters worth it. I regret not taking pictures of our drive out, but I was the one driving and I think that’s probably illegal or something.

When we got there we were greeted by the sweetest couple ever. This barn has been passed through generations of the family and has been fully restored just for big events. This couple has been doing weddings for fun, and takes on only two a year! We are so lucky to be one of those two! The land that everything sits on is massive! The barn is, of course, the focal point, but there is also a B&B on site as well as two guest houses. You can see the ocean from the site as well! I’ll let you have a look around!

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Violet Bud

Our Venue: Take 2

June 14th, 2012 by     

A while ago I wrote a post about how our venue was going to be completely tax and gratuity free. At the time I wrote the post, we had decided to go with a venue that was within our budget, but not the greatest choice for us.

After many long discussions with my mother, it came out that none of us were really happy with the decision we had made. My mom put it this way “The place didn’t give me the warm-fuzzies.” We had all settled for a place, simply because it was less expensive than the other place we really liked.

After this came out, Violet Dude and I made a plan to go back to the original venue we had looked at and loved, with our mothers. They took a tour of the place with us and we knew, once again, that the venue was definitely the place we wanted to have our wedding. It was a bit more expensive, but all the amenities that came with it made up for what we were losing in the price. Fortunately for us, we had never signed or put a down-payment on the other venue that we hastily decided on. Although it was a nice place, it just wasn’t the place for us.

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Apple Blossom

Our Wedding Venue

June 4th, 2012 by     

What a big sign of relief it is when you finally pick your wedding venue, I know it was for me!  My fiance and I looked at quite a few places and actually decided on the 1st place we ever visited, Turnip Rose in Costa Mesa, California.  We fell in love!  Here’s some pics that my mom snapped of the venue on our visit.

The Entrance!  Love that gate. Continue Reading

Lavender Blossom

A Beautiful Ceremony Set-Up!

May 23rd, 2012 by     

I wanted to share this wedding because I loved the ceremony decor/set-up. The chandeliers hanging from the arbor aisle…oh, so romantic!  So, for any of the brides out there considering a garden wedding, definitely think about this as an option! A lot of stores are popping up around the country that offer rentals for items like chandeliers, and a lot of wedding venues are starting to have them on hand for rent as well.


Location: Palestine, Texas
Photographer:  Laurie Ruth Photoography
Caterer:  Traditions
Floral Designer:  Longview Flower Shop
Reception Venue:  Elmwood Gardens
Dress Store:  Priscilla’s of Boston, David’s Bridal
Cake Designer:  Designs By D’Anne
Tuxedo and Mens Attire:  Tuxedo Junction