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Apple Blossom

Our Sweetheart Table

March 13th, 2014 by     

Hello Garden! Long time no see!

I knew that I wanted a separate table for Ryan and myself during the wedding with our bridal party scattered throughout our guests that way everyone could sit with someone they knew and have a great time at the reception.  Our sweetheart table decor was composed of black vases filled with red roses, peonies, and white hydrangea along with a handful of votives that provided delicate candlelight.  The black striped table cloths were a nice addition to the overall look.





Photography: Sargeant Creative | Florals: Natalie Galasso Designs

I’d say it all came out pretty amazing, wouldn’t you?  We loved everything!

Are you buds doing a sweetheart table for your wedding or sharing a table with the bridal party?

Apple Blossom

The Sign In Table

September 30th, 2013 by     

For our guest sign in table, we used our K and R anthropologie monogrammed mugs for decor, along with the engagement book our photographers made for us.  Each page had a place for guests to leave their comments and well wishes.  Here is the end result:



kailey_wedding781Photography: Sargeant Creative | Florals: Natalie Galasso Designs

I love the deep red roses that filled the mugs, my favorite!  Our engagement book is now filled with sweet notes and words from all our family and friends that we can look back on for years to come!

Hydrangea Bud

Burlap, Barns and Bottles of Wine: Our Search for the Perfect Venue

August 12th, 2013 by     

Mr. Hydrangea and I had discussed a few details about our wedding before we were engaged, including the fact that we would like to get married at my family church, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Massillon.  My grandparents, parents, and both of my sisters were married there, and we wanted to continue the tradition.  That was the easy decision.  Then we moved on to determining the perfect reception venue, which proved to be more difficult than we ever would’ve anticipated.


Our Ceremony Location - St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Massillon, Ohio


We looked at a variety of venues, from vineyards, to barns, banquet halls, and a few golf courses. We ran in to a few unexpected problems along the way.  We quickly found that what looked good on paper, didn’t always match what looked good in person.  We also learned that there are a lot of people planning November 2014 weddings.  At least two venues were booked solid through November 2014 (for Saturdays) and many others had very few dates available.  We literally walked in to an office to look at available dates as the couple that booked our date was walking out.  We weren’t sold on the venue at the time, but by the time we go to it, it wasn’t even an option!

We also found that many venues are simply not an option in November due to the colder weather.  We checked out a beautiful vineyard in North Canton, Ohio, only to learn that the pavilion we wanted to rent wasn’t an option in the colder months of the year, including November.  We were also told by every golf course that we contacted that they would not be willing to hold a wedding in a tent any later than early October.

After considering what seems like 500 venues, the process was becoming frustrating and overwhelming.  Mr. Hydrangea and I sat down and really talked about what we wanted in a venue.  We decided on three key attributes to look for in a reception space: 1) enough space for our growing guest list, 2) close proximity to our ceremony location, and 3) a blank canvas to decorate as we wish (I love to DIY, as you know!).  After making our list of must-haves, we were able to narrow down on our options much more easily.  Just days later we decided on the perfect reception venue.  The Santa Maria Ballroom at the Massillon Knights of Columbus was the closest we had come to a blank canvas, where My. Hydrangea’s mother and I could get crafy and make it our own.  The K of C is also literally up the street from our church AND it holds up to 500 people!  And so it was decided – Knights of Columbus it is!

The Santa Maria Ballroom at the Massillon Knights of Columbus

I am beyond releived to have made a decision about our venue and am hopeful that when all is said and done, I can say that the venue search was the most stressful aspect of planning our wedding.

What wedding detail has been most stressful for you?




Apple Blossom

Just Married Wedding Sign

May 17th, 2013 by     

Hi Garden!  We have all seen those “Just Married” wedding signs, and I love that they add that extra special detail to anyone’s big day.  They make for a great shot of the newly married husband and wife.  Here’s where some of my inspriation came from:

Photo: LittleRetreats

Photo: Rock N’ Rock Bride

A good friend of mine made our sign with her cricut paper cutter, and we took some fun shots with it after the ceremony and right before the reception began.

Photos: Sargeant Creative

Just one more fun and simple detail to add to your wedding day, don’t you think?

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Cotton Bud

A Whole New Spectrum of Possiblities!

March 4th, 2013 by     

I prefer a modern, minimalist look. It’s not a party until all the colors join in! I’m very attached to my favorite color(s), but just not the whole spectrum. The #1 thing I’ve learned as a bride thus far: being open to change is key.

For most of my life when I thought forward to my wedding day, I imagined a day bathed in rich blue tones. Blue being my favorite color in the world. However, recently due to a minor snafu picking out bridesmaids’ dresses, I hatched a new color scheme for the “Cotton Big Day”–rainbow. Now, I know it might be sound silly, perhaps a little juvenile, but I’m more excited about this development in the planning than I was with my original plans.

Despite my excitement, I was a tad scared to see what Mr. Cotton would say about this change; I didn’t know if it would impose a threat to his masculinity. I was pleasantly surprised. He told me that it seemed more fitting for us as a couple, and that rather than restricting our color pallette, we should “embrace the whole spectrum of possibilites”. (Did I mention he was a keeper?)

Since we are getting married in a garden, I feel that having each of my bridesmaids in a different color will pay homage to all the different flowers in the garden. Also, in addressing my fear of seeming juvenile, I reminded myself that Mr. Cotton and I are on the younger side of engaged couples, and there is nothing wrong about celebrating the youth in which we found our love. With any luck, our love will keep us young forever.

Here are a few pictures to illustrate my inspiration for our new theme:

What do you think? Would you ever consider using more than a couple of colors for your wedding?



Strawberry Bud

Wedding Theme and Tribute

January 21st, 2013 by     

When it comes down to picking the theme of your wedding, you may become obsessed with trying to make everything you want fit perfectly in that theme. When, in reality, it will not. I did the same thing when I tried to pick the theme for my wedding! However, instead of only using one of the styles I liked, I decided to combine the two. I love the rustic style that’s been popular for a while: think burlap, twine and kraft paper. All of those beautiful natural elements that will look so wonderful with the color explosion of the other theme I love, which is rainbow! You may think to yourself rainbow, really? Back in the late 1970s and early 1980s here in the south many women had rainbow-themed weddings. My mother and father had a rainbow-themed wedding and while discussing this with one of my besties, we found out that her parents did as well! All of the bridesmaids wore a different color, and our mom’s even had their maids wear matching hats. Precious, huh? Well, I am not going that route, but I do plan to incorporate tons of color into my wedding with the use of flowers, and the dishes at the reception. I haven’t quite settled on the flower selection yet however, I know I will be using Homer Laughlin Fiestaware at the reception in about 6 different colors! So, while I do not plan to have people wearing pastel colored hats this wedding serves as kind of a tribute to my mother, who passed away when I was 13. I think she would be pleased that I decided to use her style as a way to incorporate her into my very special day!

Here are some inspiration pictures that I have found that could lend themselves to helping me achieve the look I am going for:

My advice for picking a wedding theme is to decide what you and your fiance like and what your style is. And if that doesn’t fit into a particular box then check the box beside OTHER and have fun making your own personal theme! It’s your party, and you can do what you want to!

Apple Blossom

Photo Booth Fun

December 28th, 2012 by     

Among a handful of other things, I knew early on in my planning that I wanted to include a photo booth in our wedding.  We were lucky that inside Celebrations, our reception venue, a Foto Cabina photo booth was already set up and ready to go!  I love photo booths because they capture the candid and fun side of a wedding reception, and with all the silly props, you can’t go wrong!  We had such a great time using it. Here’s a couple silly shots of Ry and I from our photographers.



Sargeant Photoraphy

Here’s some pictures from our CD we received back from Foto Cabina, goofy of course!


Switch props …


We had a blast! Definitely something to think about for your guests and yourselves at your wedding!

Apple Blossom

Our Same-Day-Edit Wedding Video

December 14th, 2012 by     

Okay guys, listen to me when I say – you have to hire a videographer!  Being the crazy, obsessed with weddings person that I am, I had watched hundreds of wedding videos and knew that I wanted a videographer at my wedding long before I was even engaged.  The moments they can capture that your photographers don’t will be something that you will cherish forever.  Words cannot even express how much my husband and I love this video.

Aqua Vivus Productions based out of San Diego, CA filmed and edited our same day video, which the guests at our wedding viewed during the reception.  It was absolutely beautiful and everyone was floored with how amazing and fast Tom and Chris edited the footage.  As soon as the ceremony ended and we moved to the reception room, they began putting our clips together with a song that I picked out – White Dress by Ben Rector.  The song couldn’t have been anymore perfect.  I’m so excited to share with all of you!

Ryan + Kristena Same Day Premiere from AQUA VIVUS on Vimeo.

We should be receiving our full length, 20-30 min wedding film in a few months, but this is a great teaser until then!  My husband and I are so happy that we have this to watch for years to come, it’s something that helps us relive our wedding day over and over again

Morning Glory Blossom

Rich with Color

December 12th, 2012 by     

Red has always been a color I am attracted to, so when planning a wedding I knew I wanted lots of it! To be honest, I wanted a bright red wedding dress but I knew my mom and dad would freak out. So instead, I had my bridesmaids in bright red cocktail dresses with a pop of yellow for their bouquets.

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Apple Blossom

Seating Charts!

October 12th, 2012 by     

Well, this Friday will mark the three week point until our big day!  I’m so nervous but also super excited for all the festivities to begin!  I figure I better get going on the seating arrangements and get that done with so I don’t have to worry about it.

Our venue planner emailed me a fairly detailed layout of our reception room.  From there, I used multi-colored post its with each guests name on it, then placed them around the tables which I made with the top of a water bottle lid.  It’s pretty colorful, don’t you think?

Also, another helpful resource is the Wedding Wire site.  They have a really great seating chart tool that keeps everything neat and organized; I used this as well.  You can access the link here.

How did you organize and plan out your seating charts?