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Sunflower Bud

Here Comes the Bridal Party!

June 5th, 2013 by     

I don’t know about you, but when it came time to decide which music we would walk into the reception to, we figured it would be a piece of four-tiered cake.  Boy, we were wrong.

We ended up meeting with our DJ the week prior to the wedding with a gigantic list of songs, mostly “maybes” nothing set in stone.  Now, at our previous meeting with the DJ, we got into a huge conversation about our hobbies, and wrestling happens to be one of those hobbies. Well, when we arrived he had a pre-set list for us with a bunch of wrestling theme songs!  I figured this would suit us as a couple perfectly, and it is something I would have never thought of myself.  I’ll give you a little list of some of the select songs and some photos of the entrances to go with them! Enjoy!

All American – Hulk Hogan

Turn it up – Scotty 2 Hotty

Sexy Boy – Shawn Michaels (HBK)

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Cotton Bud

Custom Rainbow Wedding Invitations

March 20th, 2013 by     

Finding non-cheesy rainbow wedding invitations proved to be the hardest challenge thus far in the planning. Mr. Cotton and I both wanted invitations that reflected our whimsical side, but something sophisticated enough to be proud to send out. After much frustration, I finally stumbled upon the website, a lovely invitation company based out of Washington state (Mr. Cotton was born and grew up there, so he was very excited about this fact). The website offers a variety of invitations & the option to create completely custom invitations from scratch. I put in a little bit of creativity and got back a very beautiful wedding invitation. Also, I ordered a sample on a Thursday and two days later, I had my sample in hand!

Here’s what our invites look like and the response postcard front:

Rose Bud

My 1st Wedding Purchase!

September 24th, 2012 by     

I finally received my first item in the mail for my wedding. Can you guess what I ordered? You’re right, cowgirl boots to wear under my wedding dress!

Here’s some background:

I was born in the country and raised on the back of a horse before I could walk. My mom rode while she was pregnant and both my parents packed me in the saddle until I could hold myself in the saddle to ride on my own. I spent years showing horses, barrel racing and also was a rodeo queen for multiple rodeos in my home state. This being said, I thought it would only be appropriate that I wear my favorite clothing item on my wedding day: cowgirl boots.

After hours of scouring the web for the perfect pair of boots for my wedding, (Trust me, there were so many more options than I thought there would be.) I found them-RED LUCCHESE BOOTS!

While I may appear to be a crazy horse person to some people, I am super excited for my first wedding purchase clothing wise.  Now, the only problem will be is not wearing them for another year!

Related Images:

Violet Bud

Ditching Traditions

September 14th, 2012 by     

I have considered myself a pretty traditional bride in comparison to some of the weddings that I’ve seen lately.  My dress is about as traditional as a dress can get, and for the most part, I haven’t steered away from other normal wedding traditions.  I intend to have my dad walk me down the aisle, throw the bouquet and carry something old, new, borrowed and blue.  However, there are a lot of minor details about our wedding that I think are a little on the non-traditional side:

1. We aren’t doing floral centerpieces.  Since our colors are blue and teal, it made it kind of difficult to find blue flowers that were the right shade.  My centerpieces will be a later post, but just know that they will not have a single silk or real flower on them!

2. We are (still considering…aka still trying to convince Violet Dude) going to have cupcakes instead of a cake.  I know this isn’t a HUGE deal, since a lot of brides are considering doing single cakes for each table, cheesecakes or cupcakes, but Violet Dude has a bit of a difficult time letting go of the traditional, white wedding cake.

3. We are also ditching some registries for other registries like Lowes and a honeymoon fund.

4. We’re definitely breaking from family traditions to do this: we’re not getting married in a church, which is becoming more common.

4. The biggest decision we’ve made as far as breaking from traditions was one that I really had to fight for: I didn’t want to walk down the aisle to the bridal march.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful song, but it’s just a bit old and outdated for me.  I wanted something that said, “she’s walking down the aisle to marry the love of her life.” Not, “here comes the bride, all dressed in white.”

So, we sat down one night and went through a list of songs that I found that could possibly be good songs to walk down the aisle to.  I really wanted “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beetles because ever since we began dating, if one of us is having a bad day, we’ll leave a note with “You are my sunshine” lyrics written on it.  Violet Dude wasn’t a huge fan of my Beetles pick, so we continued listening to songs.  It’s kind of funny, because all along I had an idea in my head but I didn’t think he would really go for it.  Finally, I decided to play “the” song, and it turned out that he absolutely loved it!

The song itself was written for Twilight, and although I have read the books and seen the movies, I wasn’t really a huge fan of my wedding being associated with teenage fiction.  We both decided, however, that the song fit and worked so well that it made sense to use it.  My other issue with it was because the song is 5 minutes long–how would we differentiate the break in the song from when the bridesmaids are walking down the aisle to when the audience needs to stand up as I walk down the aisle?  I’m hoping that by closing the doors after the ‘maids walk down, the audience will understand that I’m about to come and will rise.

So, without ranting on and on about the intricacies of having a non-traditional bridal entrance song…here it is:

A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

Morning Glory Blossom

It’s just a piece of paper!

June 18th, 2012 by     

Don’t you love when things are going smoothly and then *smack* something becomes a bump in the road?

MG Bear and I are totally fun and goofy people. With that being said, the fact that we’re having an early evening wedding is a way for us to dress up and be classy for a few hours while still being our goofy selves. One way that I wanted to express “us” as a couple was through our invitations. I believe in “traditions” but at the same time this is our day so we’re willing to throw any of them out the door at any given moment!

MG Bear and I picked out something totally us, with our wedding colors in it that was light and funky, but still professional looking. See below for an example from the website:

Photos courtesy of Card Candy

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Orchid Bud

The One Where Orchid Gets Crazy Brain, Part Two

June 7th, 2012 by     

Previously seen on Bridal Buds…

Orchid Bud told the story of being bit by DIY Bug and went waaaaay too long telling backstory on her crazy Bride Brain!  Then she told everyone alllll about ribbon wands, but let everyone know she hadn’t really started them yet.  And now, on with the post…

On Easter Sunday, after my family had eaten our traditional Easter Sunday meal, we were all sitting around, hanging out, eating sweets, and playing games.  I was on the Internet, researching ideas for something wedding related (centerpieces, I think) when out of nowhere, I saw THIS:

You know you wanna see it.

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Pear Bud

Registry Reservations

May 16th, 2012 by     

Ever since our engagement, my fiance and I have scurried around the topic of registering for gifts quite frequently. It’s not because we are super greedy and materialistic. In fact, we are so much the opposite, that we couldn’t really wrap our heads around the concept. Wedding registries happen to be a traditional wedding practice, yet the thought of having our friends and family pour over a gigantic list of things really bugs us.

And truth be told, John and I have been living together for almost a couple of years now. This means that we have amassed and accumulated more than enough things. Of course we could still make use out of a few items, but it doesn’t make sense to create a registry out of those items and then randomly selecting things out of fear that there wouldn’t be enough options for our guests.

Another truth be told moment: we would rather have a bunch of Lowe’s and Home Depot gift cards so we can fix up and design our house! But that doesn’t seem very wedding-y, now does it?

Our final option was to create a Honeymoon registry. Yes, they absolutely exist, and I think the inventor should be kissed a thousand times over. It is ingenious – Einstein would be amazed! Okay, I digress.

This is the homepage of our honeymoon registry website.

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Snapdragon Bud

Will you be my groomsman?

May 15th, 2012 by     

Recently, I shared my “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” cards with you all. You know, the ones I spent weeks making, painstakingly cutting out paper-doll chains, dresses and attempting to recreate each bridesmaid’s hairstyle to match each respective paper doll.

I sort of went all out.

One of my bridesmaids joked if Mr. Snapdragon made paper dolls when asking his groomsmen and ushers to be in our wedding. Well, I can report that he did not, and just a couple weeks after I officially asked my ‘maids, he completed his task of asking his dudes to be a part of our wedding. Though it took him a fraction of the time it took me (like, we’re talking probably 1/500th of the time), I still absolutely loved his approach, and couldn’t help but laugh when he showed me his idea.

Here’s what each of his fellas received in their e-mail inboxes: Continue Reading

Lavender Blossom

Capture Guest Videos from Your Wedding Day

February 24th, 2012 by     

Sadly, I don’t have any video from my wedding. I have about 15 minutes of pre-ceremony and 3 minutes of the processional (video cuts off right before I’m about to walk down the aisle). I would give anything to have videos from my wedding day, so if you haven’t considered having them, or don’t know if it’s in your budget to hire a videographer, I wanted to share this unique service called Storymix Media.  With everyone having smart phones that take video, this is a fun way to capture video memories from your wedding day (even in addition to a videographer). The concept is pretty simple: You ask your guests to upload video they captured on your big day to a Storymix Media  account you create. Storymix Media then takes all of those videos, cuts out the fluff, adds music and transitions, and pulls them into a professional recap of your day. Here are a few examples to give you an idea. But one example not included below that I liked is the idea of a video guest book. You leave a flip cam (or any type of video recording device) on the guest book table and have people record their well wishes, or tell a memory of you as a couple. Storymix Media will then put all them into a “video guestbook”!


DIY: Reupholstered Vintage Suitcase for Wedding Cards

September 16th, 2011 by     

Are you ready for this?  This has to be my all time ultimate DIY project that I’ve done.

This past weekend, I worked on reupholstering this large makeup/suitcase I got from the flea market.  Since inside was pretty yucky, I knew I had to do something with it if I wanted to use it for the cards for my wedding.  The vinyl and cloth was coming apart, but the exterior and its functions was still in good shape.  Overall, it wasn’t too hard of a task, just a little time consuming.  It took me about 4 hours from start to finish.