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Apple Blossom

Mint Love Inspiration Board

April 17th, 2013 by     

Hi Garden!  I think it’s safe to say that mint is one of the hottest color trends on the wedding scene for 2013.  Lately, I have been seeing this color everywhere!  If I could have another wedding, I’d love a mint and peach color scheme in the spring (maybe for my vow renewal someday?).  It’s so light and pretty, don’t you think?

Mint LovePhotos (Clockwise from top left): My Sweet and Saucy | Snippet & Ink | Cilucia | BHLDN | Society Bride | Erica Obrien Cake Design | Heather Roth Photography | Ruche

Pretty sure I’m going to need to order that mint cake stand asap!  Anyone in the Garden using mint as a color scheme in their wedding?

Cotton Bud

A Whole New Spectrum of Possiblities!

March 4th, 2013 by     

I prefer a modern, minimalist look. It’s not a party until all the colors join in! I’m very attached to my favorite color(s), but just not the whole spectrum. The #1 thing I’ve learned as a bride thus far: being open to change is key.

For most of my life when I thought forward to my wedding day, I imagined a day bathed in rich blue tones. Blue being my favorite color in the world. However, recently due to a minor snafu picking out bridesmaids’ dresses, I hatched a new color scheme for the “Cotton Big Day”–rainbow. Now, I know it might be sound silly, perhaps a little juvenile, but I’m more excited about this development in the planning than I was with my original plans.

Despite my excitement, I was a tad scared to see what Mr. Cotton would say about this change; I didn’t know if it would impose a threat to his masculinity. I was pleasantly surprised. He told me that it seemed more fitting for us as a couple, and that rather than restricting our color pallette, we should “embrace the whole spectrum of possibilites”. (Did I mention he was a keeper?)

Since we are getting married in a garden, I feel that having each of my bridesmaids in a different color will pay homage to all the different flowers in the garden. Also, in addressing my fear of seeming juvenile, I reminded myself that Mr. Cotton and I are on the younger side of engaged couples, and there is nothing wrong about celebrating the youth in which we found our love. With any luck, our love will keep us young forever.

Here are a few pictures to illustrate my inspiration for our new theme:

What do you think? Would you ever consider using more than a couple of colors for your wedding?



Strawberry Bud

Wedding Theme and Tribute

January 21st, 2013 by     

When it comes down to picking the theme of your wedding, you may become obsessed with trying to make everything you want fit perfectly in that theme. When, in reality, it will not. I did the same thing when I tried to pick the theme for my wedding! However, instead of only using one of the styles I liked, I decided to combine the two. I love the rustic style that’s been popular for a while: think burlap, twine and kraft paper. All of those beautiful natural elements that will look so wonderful with the color explosion of the other theme I love, which is rainbow! You may think to yourself rainbow, really? Back in the late 1970s and early 1980s here in the south many women had rainbow-themed weddings. My mother and father had a rainbow-themed wedding and while discussing this with one of my besties, we found out that her parents did as well! All of the bridesmaids wore a different color, and our mom’s even had their maids wear matching hats. Precious, huh? Well, I am not going that route, but I do plan to incorporate tons of color into my wedding with the use of flowers, and the dishes at the reception. I haven’t quite settled on the flower selection yet however, I know I will be using Homer Laughlin Fiestaware at the reception in about 6 different colors! So, while I do not plan to have people wearing pastel colored hats this wedding serves as kind of a tribute to my mother, who passed away when I was 13. I think she would be pleased that I decided to use her style as a way to incorporate her into my very special day!

Here are some inspiration pictures that I have found that could lend themselves to helping me achieve the look I am going for:

My advice for picking a wedding theme is to decide what you and your fiance like and what your style is. And if that doesn’t fit into a particular box then check the box beside OTHER and have fun making your own personal theme! It’s your party, and you can do what you want to!

Rose Bud

So many ideas, now what?

June 20th, 2012 by     

Whew! Hard to believe that I have officially been engaged for two months. Where did the time go? While I would like to say that I have not had my wedding planned out since I was a little girl, there are parts of my wedding that I have envisioned for a large amount of time. Red, definitely a top choice. Outside country wedding, for sure. Long, strapless vintage dress, ABSOLUTELY! Upon getting engaged, I did what most brides-to-be does, took to the internet, and that is where my confusion began.

While I had to so many ideas, it was hard for me to put them all together and sort through all of the wedding sites/pictures/ideas that are available on the web. So although I had so many ideas, how the heck does one person keep all of this wedding madness straight?

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Daisy Bud

I’m Not Crazy…I Swear

May 18th, 2012 by     

We ALL know THOSE brides. When you ask them what their wedding is like they plop this huge, pink, ruffled book on the table with everything planned out. You can tell that she has been planning this since she was 5 years old…the dress she wants is drawn in sophisticated crayon for goodness sakes! Pages and pages of notes and scheduling in this book, THE book. As she puts the book down her face lights up and her eyes go wide and she suddenly expects everyone to be enthralled with her wedding. We are more horrified than enthralled, trust me.

So I have done it…I have made…a book. Now I feel like I have to back track. First of all, you need something concrete to show vendors right? When describing your wedding cake or your decor ideas, shouldn’t they be able to see what you are talking about? Secondly, I am fairly certain that my thoughts and ideas are completely unorganized. I needed a place to put all the ideas that are definitely going into the wedding, almost like a visual list. Pinterest is lovely, but it’s causing me to be totally unorganized.

So here is what I have done: I have taken a regular scrap book (I’m weird and just have those lying around), and created little inspiration boards of the ideas I am absolutely going to accomplish.

Now I have a pretty, visual “To Do” list which really helps clear the cluttered mind! If you noticed, no pink and no ruffles…so that at least makes me a little sane…right? Has anyone else caved and made “The Book?” Has it helped you get organized?

Apple Blossom

Black, White, & Red Inspiration Boards

May 14th, 2012 by     

I consider myself a pretty indecisive person :)  So, when it came to picking out the theme and colors for my wedding day, I created a inspiration board to help me out!  After a tough decision, I decided on black, white, with pops of red.  Here’s 2 inspiration boards I put together that I just love …

I highly recommend putting some of your favorite pictures together in a board.  It makes things a lot easier for your planners, venues, and vendors to look at!

Pear Bud

Trending Wedding

April 25th, 2012 by     

Are you a trend-er? Do you like to know what is current and display that in your wedding style? Or do you like to avoid the trends?

Either way you slice it, you may end up following a trend by accident. When I first began perusing wedding blogs, magazines, and books, I had no idea what I would want for my wedding. John’s main criteria were: awesome and cheap. I prefer the term inexpensive. I, by no means, want a cheap looking wedding.

I digress. Wedding blogs and other sources are the place to begin gathering ideas for your wedding… and ultimately your wedding style. All of these sources, however, create a disjointed idea of what a wedding will look like because they are completely stylized from head to toe. They are gorgeous for this very reason, but can cause a problem – a money problem, to be exact. My idea list grew and grew and grew. I began creating ideas in my head that ended up being realized in other couple’s weddings.

Trending beach wedding with bright colors.

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Lotus Bud

You’re my Inspiration ….

March 12th, 2012 by     


Great, now I have that cheesy song stuck in my head! Sorry :) I’m talking about WEDDING inspiration!

This post is probably long overdue….I imagine that most brides start by introducing their ideas and vision, and then launch into all the little details, but I guess I’m not one to follow the crowd. Such a rebel, I know 😉

As most people around me know, I am a total girly-girl. If this wedding were just about me, it would be pink and glittery sparkles everywhere. However, Lotus Dude, is a total guys-guy. His one request when I picked my color scheme? No pink.


So, I set out to find something else that would match “us”. We both love the water, and since I’m from Hawaii, I first wanted to do something beachy. Like this:

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Pomegranate Bud

Picking a Theme

December 14th, 2011 by     

I was going to write about this topic at some point in the future but since Martha Weddings tweeted brides asking what the biggest challenge is I thought I’d talk about the theme issue now.

So here is my take on the topic: I guarantee that the first 3 months or so after you get engaged you will do nothing but scour every wedding website known to man and write down dozens of things you think are neat, cute, pretty and memorable.  Therefore, you will inevitably become totally confused and disheartened about the fact that you have no clue what you want.  Well, my tip is this, do all of that until you are blue in the face and then give yourself a break from the planning as it will all come together in time.  It all comes down to budget and the initial feeling of how you wanted the wedding to go.

Me and Mr.Pom initially wanted to go to an island and have a really small ceremony followed by a party closer to home.  Thinking all of it through I am now, after 4 months of deliberating with myself, going with a simple theme.  I never wanted to pick colors and I also never truly wanted a theme.  So here goes, I’m thinking of classic white – because it’s classic AND simple – with pops of yellow, because yellow brightens even the gloomiest days.  This would not only give the whole reception tent an airy feeling but it would also keep true to our original desire of having a simple and effortless wedding.  The fact that we are getting married on a lake only adds to the simplicity and fun.

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Olive Bud

Olive’s Color Scheme

March 7th, 2011 by     

As a kid, I was always pretty artsy. I started drawing/painting when I was really young, and always loved colors. My ‘favorite’ color successfully changed every year until I was about 12. When I always wanted to decorate my college dorm room, I’d end up with a mis-matched mess because I am not good with staying in one tonal range.

So, my wedding colors. I know that I will have to tackle this feat by picking a scheme and staying with it. I know that I want my bridesmaids in a neutral color. I had always envisioned black, but, with a Summer wedding, I’m not sure how I feel about that. So, I moved to charcoal.

I saw this image (from Martha Stewart Weddings), and LOVED it:

It’s bright while staying elegant, simplistic and yet fun. So, I thought: Charcoal, Yellow, White. BAM. Done.

Hence, Inspiration Board #1:

Photos by: A Cake Life, Down-to-Earth Paperworks, Enchanted Florist, Juliet Events, Maureen H. Hall Stationery and Invitations, WeddingWire, Willowdale Estate

However, then I started looking around at some other “bright, summery” colors that would match well with charcoal, and I started liking a bright coral-ish orange.

Hence, Inspiration Board #2

Photos by: Butterfly floral & event design, Christi Gulley Custom Floral Designs, Kelly & Company Event Planning, Wine Country Weddings, LuxSugar Bakery, Muse Events, petals and promises , Platinum Tiara

Yes, I know these schemes are relatively similar, but I go back and forth every day about which one I like better. The yellow scheme reminds me of a bit more rustic and vintage feel, while the orange I think might lend itself better to a non-rustic theme (which will be closer to what Olive Dude and I are having).

P.S. the shoes from the orange inspiration board are J. Crew, and I kinda just want them regardless. 😉

So buds – thoughts? Which scheme do you like better?