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Apple Blossom

Our Hawaiian Honeymoon

March 25th, 2013 by     

Hey Garden! I know it’s been about 4 months since we honeymooned in Maui, but I miss it everyday!  It was probably the best vacation I’ve ever been on; Ryan and I had the time of our lives!  So, while I’m still patiently waiting for our wedding pictures to come back from the photographers, I wanted to share with you some shots from our island honeymoon.

Ryan and I stayed at the Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa in Lahaina – it was truly an incredible place.  From the exotic birds, the beautiful landscape and the breathtaking views, we were in awe from the moment we drove up.  The pool was something else, complete with a waterfall and swim up bar with TVs.  The resort also had its own private beach access, which we used to watch the sunset almost every evening.  Horseback riding, snorkeling and zip lining were only but a few activities we participated in during our stay.  I’d have to say a highlight of the whole trip would be our time spent in the resorts beautiful spa, Spa Moana.  We had a couples massage in beachside cabanas and then took in the relaxing views (see photo below) from our spa chairs. Heaven!

I was day dreaming about being back here today. Maybe for an anniversary surprise?!  We’ll see.


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Sunflower Bud

Honeymoon Heaven

August 27th, 2012 by     

Good afternoon, ladies! I’d like to tell you about my MAJOR excitement of an old high school drama teacher giving us one of the best wedding presents ever!  Now, FH and I got engaged in Walt Disney World last year in March.  It was my first visit and it is safe to say one of, if not the, happiest days of my life so far!  Undoubtedly, we wanted to honeymoon back in the place where it (don’t kill me for sounding cliche) all began!  A friend of ours works as a travel agent, and that is how we planned our trip last year.  We went to her and began booking our honeymoon and wow is WDW expensive in November.  Who knew it was so popular to vacation there after Thanksgiving?  All we could afford was the basic “All-Star” resort, which is fine.  It just isn’t…romantic.  But anyways, we booked it and began to plan our trip when out of nowhere, seriously, an old teacher messaged me on Facebook congratulating us on our engagement.  He also said he had an “idea” for us if we were to honeymoon in Disney.

Long story short, he is a part of the ever-exclusive Disney Vacation Club.  To us, that meant a very, very awesome hotel for an even awesome-r price.  Little did we know how awesome it actually was.  We canceled our booking when our travel agent told us she would “hate to lose the business, but it was an offer we should not pass up,”  that’s when we knew it was a big deal.  We now are going to pay LESS to stay in (get this) a villa inside Animal Kingdom, animals to greet us at our window each morning, than we would have to stay in the small room at the All Star Resort.

Our first trip to Disney was our engagement story, so this trip has to trump that!  We plan on dining in Cinderella’s Castle, which we have never done! And the new and improved Fantasy Land has been open since last month, and our favorite story characters have a restaurant opening the second-to-last day of our trip. (dun dun dun) the Be Our Guest Restaurant, Gaston’s Tavern… AND Beast’s Castle! Plus, we did get “Just Engaged” buttons last time, we will be opting to get some “Just Married” and “Happily Ever After” ones this time around!

Where are you Buds going on your honeymoon? And what are you doing to make it extra special?

Apple Blossom

Honeymoon Booked!

June 21st, 2012 by     

 Ryan and I booked our Hawaiian honeymoon for November and we’re so excited!

Neither Ryan or myself have ever been to Hawaii, and what better time to experience the beautiful islands than together as a married couple?

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Morning Glory Blossom

To use a Travel Agent or Not?

May 11th, 2012 by     

Let me start out this post by saying this should not even be a question!

We finally booked our “real” honeymoon last week for January 2013 and I couldn’t be more pleased. Originally I looked up different places, got some ideas of prices for flights and all-inclusive resorts to see what we could afford. We had places we were dying to go to, but the price just wasn’t right (aka Bora Bora, Brazil, Maldives). Even though our parents are paying for the wedding, we still couldn’t justify spending 10K+ of our own money for one week’s vacation! I even know someone that financed their honeymoon to an expensive resort! Can you believe that?!

A friend of mine told me her mom was a travel agent and even though I trust her, I was still a little leery on the concept. My family doesn’t really travel much and when we did, we planned our own trips. So, I gave it a shot and gave her mom our information, what we were looking for and what kind of budget we had. We had a resort in mind, so I made it easier for her.

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Morning Glory Blossom

Mini-Honeymoon Booked!

February 2nd, 2012 by     

In my last post I talked about waiting to book our honeymoon. Well, we officially decided to wait until late January 2013 to book our “real” honeymoon to Antigua, so we decided to plan a so-to-speak “mini-honeymoon” after the wedding.

So I know you are thinking, why plan a mini-honeymoon when we can just do the real thing? Well, MG Bear and I have a flight credit with Southwest that we have to use before October of this year, so instead of wasting the money we already spent we figured why not go somewhere after the wedding! Plus, we won’t be taking our week long trip to Myrtle Beach because of all this wedding stuff. We decided to go to Fort Lauderdale, Florida (which is only a 2 hour flight for us from Maryland) and after doing some research we found the Beach Comber Resort right on the beach! They have great prices on rooms and it looks perfect for the laid back vacation we are looking for.

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Pomegranate Bud


November 30th, 2011 by     

Well, I am happy to report that our honeymoon has been booked. This whole thing was the last bit of planning on our minds and much to a lot of our friends dismay we were thinking about just heading to Bar Harbor and enjoying Maine.

However, I rather enjoy checking out groupon and living social deals so one morning I noticed a deal on living social for a 5 night stay in an all inclusive resort in Cozumel! Between mister pom and myself we also have enough miles on the Star Alliance airlines to get us there for free! Now here’s hoping we can line up the days right…a lot of the time the redemption miles are very hard to book. But either way, boy are we excited! How did you all plan for your honeymoon? Have any if you been to Cozumel? I would love some tips on what to do there…other than lounge.


Fitness as my Witness

October 26th, 2011 by     

Today, I bought a scale. Yupp. I haven’t even taken it out of the box yet, but just the knowledge that it is sitting there waiting for me is a little more than daunting. That’s right. I’m officially on the “getting more fit for my wedding” bandwagon. That dress won’t look fabulous by itself (okay.. yes it would, but I’d still like to do my part ;)).

Kicking my butt into gear!

Let me explain. I’m currently a size up from my usual due to a very severe ankle sprain that occurred a few months ago in while in Ireland (two words: Irish cider). This kept me on the couch for a week and off the running track for almost three months. I’d definitely like to be back to my usual size if not a size smaller by the big day. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those brides that purposefully ordered her dress several sizes too small as an “incentive” to lose weight. My dress fit just fine when I tried it on in the bridal shop. And due to my shape and the cut of the dress (pear-shape for me, a-line with a fitted bodice and voluminous bottom for the dress), I can easily go up or down a few sizes and it will still fit me perfectly; a small blessing of being a pear girl is that my top half has stayed the same size no matter what and is therefore one less thing I have to worry about looks-wise. While a belly bulge is something that won’t be apparent in my gown, my arms will be out in their full glory. And you had better bet that I’ll be sporting some toned and sexy limbs that day! Time to get to lifting weights, I suppose!

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Cherry Bud

We booked our honeymoon!!!! Yippie!

August 29th, 2011 by     

I am so excited! We have officially booked out honeymoon! We were not sure what we wanted to do at first. We wanted to go lay on a beach in Hawaii, then we wanted to go to Europe. It was a really tough decision. We just weren’t sure if we wanted to go to an all inclusive place and relax or spend our time being tourists! I won a trip from the Kidd Kraddick Show in February to the Hard Rock Resort in Punta Cana that we are taking this year, so we didn’t need a beach for the honeymoon!!

So…we really wanted to do something different so we are going to Europe! We are going to Dublin and Paris!

Why Dublin and Paris? I use to live in Dublin for a study abroad and LOVED IT. Mr. Cherry was not able to visit me when I lived there- this is my chance to show him what are my favorite things about Dublin! We are going to stay here:

The Shelbourne

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Bahamas…here we come!

August 22nd, 2011 by     

So a few weeks ago I blogged about where in the world Apricot Dude and I were going to go on our honeymoon. Well…..after lots of research, we decided to book our trip to the Bahamas! Apricot Dude and I were completely sold on the beautiful beaches, excellent reviews (both personal and from the internet), and a great professional recommendation from our travel agent.

So excited to play the course! I might even hit one in the ocean for the heck of it!

Here are just a few tips that we picked up on while working on our honeymoon plans. When looking at an all-inclusive resort, make sure you know what all is included. This leads me to my next tip and that is to work with a travel agent. Typically, there are not any extra fees associated with booking through your travel agent. Actually, you help them out quite a bit as they usually get a cut from the resort for booking a trip! Your travel agent should have a detailed layout of the inclusions from the resort. Another tid-bit I would share with those planning is to check into what extras or little bonuses you can have thrown into your package. Our awesome travel agent got us a $200 spa credit and $200 golf credit- both things I am SIKED about. My final tip is to ask questions if you don’t know the answer. We called Sandals to ask if airport transfers were included and sure enough- they were!

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Lilac Blossom

I Thought Our Honeymoon Might Be Ruined!

August 8th, 2011 by     

Shortly after arriving in Atlanta, Georgia for our layover we called the parents to check-in and let them know we were safe on the ground at least for awhile. That’s when my mother-in-law broke the news. Her morning Facebook browsing uncovered that our aunt, uncle and co. would be leaving on the same cruise with us the next day!

I was originally seriously pissed, and here’s why: the family joining us on the honeymoon hadn’t bothered to RSVP in anything close to an official manner and didn’t show up at our wedding… but they were going on our honeymoon!

{Our personal photo}

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