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Poppy Bud

Recycled Centerpieces

August 3rd, 2011 by     

In my last post, I shared about using home grown wheat and corn in our centerpieces. The rest of the centerpieces were also a DIY project…one that was certainly a group effort.

At first, I wanted to use tin cans as vases for flowers – no big enough. So I turned to wine bottles…but after collecting about 30 of them there was one in particular that caught my eye – cobalt blue wine bottles! At the time, I was not yet 21 – so I had to turn to friends and family for some help. I told them of my plan and before I knew it empty wine bottles were being given to me left and right.

small aqua accent vases

I knew I was in trouble when at a family Christmas gathering someone pulled out a jumbo bottle and it was that same beautiful cobalt blue…I had to get my hands of some of those! Lucky for me lots of stores were running sales on such bottles. What’s more, I’m told the wine was not only cheap, but it was good too! Before I knew it I had more jumbo cobalt bottles than I did regular sized. This was due in large part to the fact the Poppy Aunt called me one day saying she had a box for me. Low and behold it contained 20 empty jumbo wine bottles complements of her neighborhood!

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Poppy Bud

A Touch of Country

July 29th, 2011 by     

Poppy Dude and I are very much in love with the simple rural surrounding that we were raised in. It was important that our wedding really reflect those values. I wanted to find a way to get Poppy Dude really excited about the wedding planning process because I know sometimes the groom just smiles and says “whatever you want, honey!” when it comes to picking and choosing wedding details. I had an idea that fit the ticket for both wishes – a touch of country.

Poppy Dude is a “country boy” when it comes down to it. He was raised on his family’s farm/ranch where three generations of men come together to make the operation a success.

When researching and coming up with ideas for centerpieces – it struck me. What’s yellow and plays a huge part in our agriculturally centered lives? Corn and Wheat. I ran my idea by Poppy Dude and his eyes lit up. We decided to incorporate corn and wheat grown right on the Poppy Dude family farm. Corn would be easy to get – Poppy Dude’s family has some stored in bins on the yard. The wheat on the other hand only presented a certain window of time for cutting at the perfect golden color. That’s usually around the 4th of July here in south-central Nebraska, but because it’s been so wet this year it was a little later – even better for us!

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Lilac Blossom

Taking care of the guests

July 11th, 2011 by     

Since nothing about the wedding was related to a hotel, I gave guests a list of local lodging and didn’t do welcome bags or anything.

My extremely conscientious maid of honor decided to make bathroom baskets for the women and the men.

The men's restroom basket

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With This Ring

May 5th, 2011 by     

I’ll be the first to admit that I hate shopping. I’m not much of a hunter when it comes to finding the perfect things. I tend to be an impulse shopper. No matter what it is, I can think of a million ways I’d rather spend my time than driving from store to store finding the perfect whatever. My wedding ring was no different.

I’ll admit that I only went to two stores. I browsed online a bit and then made up my mind that I was buying a ring from Brilliant Earth. I had been interested in their jewelry for some time now and was a huge fan of their mission statement. I loved that their jewelry was recycled and 5 percent of their profits go to help those in Africa who were affected by the diamond and jewelry trade. I mean, honestly, I don’t see too many companies donating their profits or doing anything good with their money other than just rolling around in it.

With the help of my customer representative, Jordan, I got myself a low-profile palladium ring. Poor guy had to deal with my emails for weeks before I finally called him to order the actual ring.

After it had been processed he sent me my order confirmation and tracking number and I waited anxiously for the Fed Ex guy to arrive.

“I’ve been waiting for this all day,” I told him when he finally showed up at 4:30. “It’s my wedding ring.”

“OH! That’s great!! Congrats!” He said handing me the tracker thing to sign.  As customary when receiving a package from Fed Ex or UPS, he asked my first and last name. Then, as he was leaving he asked, “What will it be?”

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Poppy Bud

Flower Arrangement Ideas

September 29th, 2010 by     

I took a floral design class here a the U just a semester back…it was AMAZING! I learned the basics of designing my own arrangements as well as the in’s and out’s of a floral business. The most helpful thing I learned…how expensive real flowers are! For the make-believe wedding I was required to create for the class final, the budget for the flowers was upwards of $7,000. And I thought my arrangements were pretty modest!

Here’s some pictures of arrangement I made in class just to give you an idea:

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Bridesmatron Recap: Bridal Shower Details

September 7th, 2010 by     

As you may have read in some of my prior posts, I was invited to be a “bridesmatron” in my friend’s wedding this summer.  Let’s just call this friend “Green”, because that’s her favorite color!  Green’s mom did a great job organizing Green’s bridal shower, and included a lot of personal touches that I wanted to share with the garden!  There was marriage advice collected on pieces of paper that got folded up and put into a picnic basket with some picnic essentials, there was bridal bingo with scratch-off lotto tickets for the winners, there was a beautifully framed picture of Green and her fiance placed at the escort card table for all guests to see upon their arrival, there were green decorations at the tables and on the cake, there was a raffle for each table’s 3-piece candle set centerpiece (which I won!) and there were of course favors.  Green’s ceremony was held outdoors in Long Island in late August (more to come on that!), so Green’s mom gave each shower guest a beautiful wooden fan to help keep cool at the ceremony:

Favor from "Green's" Bridal Shower

Photo taken by Me

Along with the fan came this cute poem:

Thank you for attending Green’s shower.
Now, we are looking forward to that special hour!
Please bring this fan as we celebrate the joining
of Green and her mate, on August 28th!

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Decorating Cakes With Fresh Flowers

June 3rd, 2010 by     

I am loving the new trend of decorating a cake with artfully placed fresh flowers. I think it is so fresh and pretty, especially for an outdoor bride.

It can be a budget solution, also. But there is one MAJOR concern if this is something you want to do. The flowers used to decorate the cake must be edible. This does not mean that your guests will be chomping down the foliage like a horde of ravenous bunnies, but poison + food just DO NOT go together. Luckily, there are a diverse number of flowers that are edible.

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Dogwood Blossom

Save Some Green on a Green Dress

December 10th, 2009 by     

I, like most people these days, try to be as green as possible in my daily life.  I reduce, reuse and recycle as much as I can… but never did I think you could find a wedding dress designer that is not only eco-friendly but makes fabulous gowns.  I ran across the Natural Bridal Collection on one of my many nights perusing

Natural Bridal 1

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Geranium Bud

The Great White North

July 21st, 2009 by     

I’ve been inspired… by my new blog friend A Little Birdie! Go visit her at her blog A Little Birdie Weds. We spoke briefly about being blogging buddies from Canada. While blogs allow us all to communicate from all corners of the world, it is safe to say that most blogging brides are from the U.S.

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Plumeria Blossom

Adorable New Invitation Option

April 17th, 2009 by     



It figures that the week I mail my wedding invitations, I find out about a brand new, stylish, budget-savvy suite of wedding invitations. A Practical Wedding tipped me off to the launch of Printable Press, a line of semi-DIY invitations. The designers had been making custom print-it-yourself invitations– via digital file– for friends when they decided to start their own online stationery store. They have dozens of designs in eight different categories, enough to satisfy even the choosiest of design snobs.

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