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Snapdragon Bud

Snapdragon Bud

Age: 27

Occupation: Marketing

Snapdragon Bud

Wedding Details:

Engagement Date: 12.23.2011

Wedding Date: 5.18.2013

Wedding Location: Milwaukee, WI


Name: Eric



About Me:

At one point in life, I felt cynical toward love and fate... and then I met the boy next door. I'm lucky enough to be marrying the best friend I could ever imagine - a fellow music lover, DIY'er and proud cat parent. When I'm not laughing it up with my fiance, I'm writing, crafting or attempting to bake. I love all things pretty, quirky and with a bit of sass. I can't wait to create the wedding we've been dreaming of!

How We Met:

Not many people can say they're actually marrying the boy or girl next door, but in our case, not only were we neighbors - we actually shared a wall! When I moved to Milwaukee in July of 2008, I knew only a small handful of people. Luckily, I made fast friends with some of her neighbors in my new apartment building, the Park Lane, including my next-door neighbor, Chris. I had spent some time with Chris, and friends Kristen and Abby (who lived two floors below), but hadn't met Chris's roommate Eric after a couple of weeks of knowing the rest of the gang. Finally, Chris was hosting a game night and Eric actually happened to be there! While playing games, Eric (naturally) took control of the night's music, and l made a comment that these were some of my favorite bands. Eric perked up, and after the games were over, we spent the rest of the night talking about our mutual love of music and discovered we shared the same (slightly odd) sense of humor while watching videos on YouTube. "Uh oh," I thought when I went back to my apartment (a whole two feet away), "I think I like my neighbor...." And actually, so did Eric. The rest is fun-filled history. :)

The Engagement Story:

On the morning of December 23rd, 2011, Eric and Rachel were headed up to Eric's hometown of Antigo to spend Christmas with his family. They woke up early to get the car packed, and also to exchange their presents to each other before hitting the road. Eric had had Rachel's gifts wrapped and under the tree for a week, and for the life of her, Rachel just could not figure out what was in these four odd-sized boxes. They traded turns opening presents, and Eric brought Rachel's over to her, one by one. Two cute prints to put up somewhere in the house and an avocado cuber. Rachel really did like these gifts, but thought it was kind of funny he'd chosen to wrap them all separately, in oversized boxes. Finally, Eric brought over the fourth and final gift. Now, to help you understand the background on Rachel's last present: Weeks before, she and Eric had picked out two new Christmas tree ornaments - little S'mores characters, because one of their (or maybe moreso Rachel's) favorite summertime activities is making S'mores in the fire pit in their backyard. Two of Rachel's favorite snacks (of which there are many) are popcorn and S'mores... so when she saw her ornament, she had to have it! After some digging around, Eric was able to find a S'more dressed as a baseball player - his favorite sport! Well, back to the opening of the Christmas gifts... Rachel's last Christmas gift she opened from Eric was this new S'mores ornament. At first, Rachel was really confused, because this was definitely not their first Christmas together (it was actually their third), but then it finally clicked that the characters were a bride and a groom, and, you know, the whole fact that at this point Eric had gotten down on one knee, with a beautiful ring, and was asking her to marry him.... after all that, it finally registered with her. Eric had kept his plan to propose a complete surprise from everyone. He wanted it to be a surprise not only to Rachel, but to everyone else they knew. Even after being together for three and a half years, Rachel was floored! She gave him about half a second to spit out the words "Will you marry me?" before the waterworks started flowing and she, of course, said "yes." Best Christmas ever. :)

My Wedding Vendors:

Officiant: Dr. H. Fred Bernhard (Or as I know him, Grandpa!)

Photographer: Look Here Photography

Venue - Reception: South Shore Pavilion

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