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Orange Bud

Orange Bud

Age: 25

Occupation: Interactive Marketing

Orange Bud

Wedding Details:

Engagement Date:

Wedding Date: Fall 2011 (hopefully!)

Wedding Location: Suburbs of Washington, D.C.





About Me:

Mr. Man and I have been together for almost 5 years. We're not necessarily engaged yet. I mean, we're engaged to be engaged, I suppose... if you absolutely must put a label on it. Essentially, we know we're going to get married; but have decided to focus our funds on buying a house and getting settled in a home before blowing tons of money on a ring and a wedding. We've decided to take the thrifty route; we will be planning our dream wedding with a budget of $10K or less. This will be especially tough, as we live just outside of Washington, D.C. Feel free to follow me on our budget savvy journey... who knows --- you just might learn something!

How We Met:

I met Mr. Man on my very first night of college. A mutual friend introduced us and I thought absolutely nothing of him. He was dating someone at the time, as was I; and frankly, he was just another someone I met that day. Fast forward to two and a half (ish) years later. I'm no longer dating anyone, and he had apparently broken up with his ex a couple weeks after meeting me... and had been wanting to ask me out ever since. He asked me out. I was petrified. Not in the least bit interested. But he's a nice guy! Can't say no. So I went out with him... for a couple months. Nope. Still nothin'. No interest. One day, I was at work (I managed an accessories boutique on my break from school) and he walked in. I got butterflies and knew I was done for. Five years later, I still can't believe we're dating, buying a home, and getting married. When did this all happen!?

The Engagement Story:

My Wedding Vendors:

Caterer: Willards BBQ

Photographer: Jessica Smith Photography

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