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Olive Bud

Olive Bud

Age: 27

Occupation: Graphic Designer

Olive Bud

Wedding Details:

Engagement Date: 12/31/2010

Wedding Date: 6/9/12

Wedding Location: Stevensville, MD


Name: Olive Dude

Age: 27

Occupation: Personal Trainer

About Me:

How We Met:

Olive Dude and I met through mutual friends in the Greek system at the University of Maryland. I was visiting a sorority sister on campus over the summer (I was home in New Jersey) before my Junior year and she said we were going to a barbeque at a fraternity satellite house. Olive Dude was there, and we talked for quite a bit, but I had a different boyfriend at the time. When we left the barbeque, I remember saying to my friend that Olive Dude was kinda cute. Her response (verbatim) "Yeah, he said the same about you. I feel like I could see you guys getting married or something." We became best friends once school started (all innocent, I swear!), and then realized we were in love. I ended my other relationship to be with Olive Dude, and the rest (as they say) is history.

The Engagement Story:

Myself, Olive Dude, and about 20 of our friends had rented a very large house outside of Atlantic City for New Year's Eve weekend. Unbeknownst to me, Olive Dude had asked my dad for his permission to propose to me on Christmas Day one week earlier in New Jersey. It was about 1:00pm on Friday (New Year's Eve), and Olive Dude asked me if I would go with him to see if there was snow on the beach, since New Jersey had just gotten a huge blizzard. I said I didn't want to go because it was too cold and I would ruin the new UGGS he had gotten me for Christmas if I got them wet (LOL - oops!). About 10 minutes later he said, "Will you please just go with me-I don't want to walk there by myself." So I agreed. We walked to the beach and I said something about how pretty a beach was in the winter, because I had never been on one. Olive Dude then told me he loved me and got down on his knee to propose. After my enthusiastic YES, I asked him if everyone inside the house knew. They didn't. So, when we walked back into the house, I said, "Well, there wasn't snow on the beach... but there was ICEEEE!" and flashed my hand. Everyone was ecstatic, and, needless to say, it was a great way to ring in the new year.

My Wedding Vendors:

DJ: my deejay - Michael Bell

Florist: Flower Follies

Invitations: Designed by me (taryn ashley graphic design) Printed by Boxcar Press

Make Up Artist: Up-Do's for I Do's

Officiant: Father Michael Kelly

Photographer: Erin J Photography

Transportation: Chesapeake Bay Charter

Venue - Ceremony: Chesapeake Bay Beach Club

Venue - Reception: Chesapeake Bay Beach Club

Wedding Cake: Fiona's

Wedding Dress: from Kleinfeld

Wedding Planner: Self

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