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Moon Blossom

Moon Blossom

Age: 25

Occupation: Ph.D Candidate - Educational Psychology

Moon Blossom

Wedding Details:

Engagement Date: July 4, 2009

Wedding Date: September 11, 2010

Wedding Location: Kitty Hawk, NC


Name: Moon Dude

Age: 25

Occupation: Gourmet Food Industry

About Me:

I'm 25 years old and currently working on my Ph.D. in Educational Psychology. The most important things to me are my family and my friends, and I have been blessed with amazing ones at that! As for my hobbies and interests: I enjoy photography (admiring other people's work and taking my own), techie stuff, and being crafty. I also love finding good deals and shopping around for the best deals.

How We Met:

My best friend (and MoH) K and Moon dude were both English majors and had several classes together previous to the time that I moved into the area. I recall hearing stories from K about "the kid that sat next to me in English that made me so hungry talking about such good food that he had cooked" (or something to that extent). Their friendship grew in college, and I eventually decided to go to school where they were both attending. After I moved in, we were introduced in person. A group of us had gone out to see Corpse Bride when it came out (a good omen?), and I had secretly wished I would be able to sit next to Moon dude in the theater. Upon reflection, I don't even remember if we did (Moon dude says, "no, we didnt", and I take his word for it!). I do know that I had a good feeling about him. A few days later, I bought two tickets to a Cirque Du Soleil-like show and realized that K was unable to attend with me. Being new to the area, I didn't know many people, and somehow managed the courage to ask Moon dude to join me. I was quite surprised when he actually agreed! The show was only a few days away, but the anticipation was high. Our date went tremendous! We had a nice time at the show and even went out afterward for desert and drinks. And the gentleman he is, walked me all the way home (even though it was completely out of his way). It wasn't long before Moon dude impressed me with his cooking. That weekend he offered to cook K and I dinner. While we would have been pleased with pasta, he surprised us with feast! He prepared a whole roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans. All of us went back for seconds!

The Engagement Story:

When people ask about our engagement story, I like starting the story off by quoting part of my fiancé’s responds to why/how he proposed. Moon dude tells the story of why he proposed on the fourth of July the best... It goes something like this "I wanted to make the proposal special and incorporate some of Moon bud's favorite things... Moon bud has two things she loves more than anything in the world. The first is unicorns. And despite my greatest efforts, I just can't satisfy that wish. However, her second favorite thing is fireworks, and that I could do!" I like following it up with her story of how it happened. It goes a little like this, "We left early to grab a good site for the fireworks, and Moon dude brought along one of my favorite cheeses, Époisses de Bourgogne. We settled in at a great site away from most of the crowd and just relaxed while eating our delicious and stinky cheese. We had a good bit of time to spare so we mostly relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful sunset until it got dark enough for the fireworks to start. It started to get chilly, more than we had anticipated so to keep warm we cuddled. Part way through the fireworks, Moon dude asked me, "Do you still love fireworks as much as always?" I responded by reassuring him just how much I enjoy them. He followed up with another question, "Are you happy right now?" And by now, my heart is pounding, I am thinking "Is this it! Is he really going to propose!" and lots of other happy excited thoughts. I mumble something about how happy I was and how perfect it is being together with him at the fireworks. And he replied the cutest line I could ever have imagined, "Would you make me the happiest man in the world, and be my wife?" As he said that he pulled out my engagement ring, (which had been discretely placed in his shirt's chest pocket and tied to him with a string, so as not to lose it) and placed the ring on my finger. "I DO, I DO!" I said! I beamed, and beamed, and we kissed (and kissed). And it was everything I could have imagined it to be."

My Wedding Vendors:

Caterer: KH HGI

DJ: DJ Bruce J

Florist: Another DIY adventure

Officiant: Kitty Hawk Methodist Church - Pastor Curtis

Photographer: Julie Dreelin

Venue - Ceremony: Kitty Hawk Beach

Venue - Reception: Kitty Hawk Hilton Garden Inn

Wedding Cake: A DIY adventure

Wedding Dress: Allure

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