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Maga Blossom


Occupation: Non-profit

Maga Blossom

Wedding Details:

Engagement Date: December 24, 2008

Wedding Date: July 24, 2010

Wedding Location: Maplewood Greens Banquets,


Name: Towie Bear


Occupation: Owner and Operator of a Towing Company

About Me:

I was born in Fort Campbell, Kentucky and raised in a tropical island from the Caribbean called Puerto Rico. My favorite meal is my mom’s Chicken and Rice with Avocado Salad, dressed in Olive Oil (preferred brand: Goya). I enjoy reading books and blogs. I also like to write in my personal blog At the moment, my list of favorite “must reads” are The Wedding Book: The Big Book for Your Big Day by Mindy Weiss; a website created by the talented Elizabeth Messina which is; also, Junebug Weddings. And last but not least, Bridal Buds! I love to read about the experiences and knowledge acquired by other brides.

How We Met:

I met the love of my life through the online dating website We come from very different backgrounds and cultures. He instantly loved my Latina lifestyle and I was swept away by his American looks and tender heart. While I enjoy reading books and utilize my project management skills at work, Towie Bear is passionate about his Towing Company and riding his motorcycle with his friends. In the beginning, we took things very slowly and after a couple of dates, family gatherings, we were the best of friends and loving each other. After 2 years of dating, we realized that we bring out the best in each other. That’s why I know Towie Bear asked me to marry him and I didn’t hesitate to say YES. We enjoy watching movies together (preferably comedy) and we also go camping sometimes twice a year. Towie Bear and I have a similar outlook of what we want our future to look like and we are working together towards it!

The Engagement Story:

I was getting ready for our Christmas Eve Family Dinner. This is not the usual family dinner where only your parents, brother(s) and sister(s) go. I am talking about the BIG family dinner, where you see the second, third, fourth cousin attend the event. Josh was acting a little weird a week before our family gathering. I asked him in various occasions if he was getting sick, since the flu was wandering around the neighborhood. I was getting ready to go to the party with Josh and all of the sudden he playfully tackled me and said “I want to ask you something…” He was smiling and looking like he had this big surprise to give me. Oh my word! I instantly knew that the most important moment of my life has arrived to my doorstep. While he was tackling and playing with me, I said “wait, wait, I’m trying to get ready for the party; we’re going to be late…” He said: “that can wait; I need to ask you something first!” I think I knew what was going on, but I wasn’t sure so I tried to act normal and continue with my routine as usual in case I was misinterpreting his unusual intentions. He delivers the little black box and gently displays it on my hand. This is the black box that all girls look forward to receiving from the ONE. I looked at him asking “what are you giving me?” He smiles again and said: “Will you marry me?” My face was covered in tears and I opened the box that had a lovely diamond surrounded by a white gold band. I was thrilled and hugged him saying “YES, absolutely yes. I will marry you!” Afterwards, I immediately called my parents and my best friend with the big news. Then, we went to the family gathering and celebrated the first day of our lives.

My Wedding Vendors:

Caterer: Maplewood Greens Banquets,

DJ: The Wedding DJ's,

Florist: Distinctive Designs Florist,

Formal Wear: Cynderellies Closet & The Men's Warehouse

Invitations: Valerie Frazier

Make Up Artist: Tiara's On Location,

Officiant: Rev. Ray Van Winkle,

Photographer: Keri Pinzon Photography.

Transportation: Rare Form Limousine,

Venue - Ceremony: Maplewood Greens Banquets,

Venue - Reception: Maplewood Greens Banquets,

Videographer: Millstream Video Productions,

Wedding Cake: Creative Cake Designs,

Wedding Dress: Casablanca from La Belle Reeve,

Wedding Planner: Panache Wedding and Event Specialists,

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