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Lilac Blossom

Lilac Blossom

Age: 23

Occupation: Public Relations Specialist

Lilac Blossom

Wedding Details:

Engagement Date: September 18, 2009

Wedding Date: May 28, 2011

Wedding Location: Louisville, Ohio


Name: Lilac Dude

Age: 23

Occupation: Project Manager

About Me:

I'm engaged to the most wonderful guy! We are both recent graduates about to start our "real lives" after a very long engagement. I want to plan events when I "grow up" so planning our wedding myself is very important to me. With a limited budget and lots of time until our big day, I am now a DIY (custom!) wedding fanatic.

How We Met:

It was my senior year of high school and, for the first time ever, I had no homecoming date. My best friend decided to set me up with one of her boyfriend’s buddies. This was when AIM was cool, so she gave me his screen name and told me that I was going with him and he would actually dance. He took me to the dance and we had a great time and have been together ever since.

The Engagement Story:

Lilac Dude’s family vacation last year was a Western Caribbean Cruise. We visited several ports and were really enjoying ourselves on vacation. On Thursday, September 17th we were tendered in Georgetown, Grand Caymen, this is jewelry Mecca in my opinion. We got free earrings or necklaces just for visiting stores, so we were in and out of jewelry stores all day. In the afternoon, we visited Diamonds International and it was a very busy place. Lilac Dude pulls out a preferred shopper card and asks to speak with the manager. Lilac Dude, being the straightforward guy that he is, says, “we’re here to look for an engagement ring.” You could have mopped me off the floor, I cried in the middle of a jewelry store full of strangers in a foreign country. I got to pick out my solitaire and they sent it across town to be sized. When we finally got the ring back, he made sure it fit, took it off my finger, put it back in the box and we ran to catch our tender back to the cruise ship. The entire next day he still had my ring in the box in the room safe while we wandered around in Mexico. The whole day I’m thinking, “he has the ring, he’ll do it. But when?” That evening we had reservations at an onboard restaurant so we dressed up really nice and I watched carefully every move he made while getting ready for dinner. There was no sign of the ring being moved. We had a beautiful 5 course meal and were ready to leave the restaurant when he said, “I have one more thing to tell you before we go.” He went on to tell me how important I am to him, how we’ve been through everything together, and that he wants me to be his future. He then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said yes.

My Wedding Vendors:

Caterer: Mr. Mike's Catering, Canton Ohio

Florist: Me

Formal Wear: American Commodore Tuxedo

Invitations: DIY

Make Up Artist: Shear Envy (North Canton)

Officiant: Rev. Schroer

Photographer: Chatman Photography

Venue - Ceremony: Paradise United Church of Christ

Venue - Reception: Windsor Hall, Canton Ohio

Wedding Cake: Johnnie's Bakery, Canton Ohio

Wedding Dress: Alfred Angelo

Wedding Planner: Me

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