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Jasmine Bud

Jasmine Bud

Age: 23

Occupation: Bridal Fashion Sales Manager

Jasmine Bud

Wedding Details:

Engagement Date: 7/25/2010

Wedding Date: May 27, 2012

Wedding Location: The Biltmore Hotel


Name: Aladdin



About Me:

How We Met:

I was dating someone else at the time, when Aladdin* and I first met. He had approached me at a party and even though I thought he was incredibly handsome (and already knew who he was), I didn't give him the time of day to talk to me! I started to run into him all the time - we always seemed to be at the same places and even though he was flirtatious, I didn't think anything of it because once again I was in a relationship, albeit a terrible one. For the next nine months we became really close and he grew to be my best guy friend. He was always calling, texting and wanting to meet up with me. During that time, I was completely oblivious (and slightly naive) and never thought he looked at me in any sort of romantic way. Also, during this nine month stretch, my previous relationship was really deteriorating and every time it always came down to, "Why can't he be like *Aladdin?" I knew I always felt something strong for him, but I never expected for him to feel the same. Fastforward some time - Aladdin was driving me home from a BBQ and he turned on the song "Crush" by Dave Matthews Band. He went on to express to me that for months he had been wanting to tell me how he really felt. He was falling hard for me and didn't want to hide it any more, because "he couldn't help but wonder what if?" I broke up with my old boyfriend soon-there-after and we've been together and inseparable ever since. He's perfect and one of the things that makes this story so romantic is he was in love with me the whole time and he decided to take a chance and let me know!

The Engagement Story:

We were on a cruise with my family. Though we had been speaking about getting engaged since literally the third week that we had been dating, he had convinced me that it wasn't going to happen for quite some time. We were on our balcony watching the sunset cruising along the Atlantic Ocean, when Aladdin started telling me how he felt about me and how much he loved me. He's a very romantic man, so this wasn't too out of character, but he then got down on one knee! I was in so much shock from so much overwhelming happiness and obviously said YES! He read then read the letter that he had used to ask my parents for my hand in marriage (which is where I really lost it!) The rest is history..

My Wedding Vendors:

DJ: Vision DJs

Venue - Ceremony: The Biltmore Hotel

Venue - Reception: The Biltmore Hotel

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