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Hydrangea Bud

Age: 24

Occupation: Project Coordinator

Hydrangea Bud

Wedding Details:

Engagement Date: June 12, 2013

Wedding Date: November 8, 2014

Wedding Location: Massillon, Ohio


Name: Mr. Hydrangea

Age: 24

Occupation: Mechanical Engineer

About Me:

Hi, I'm Hydrangea Bud! I'm a 24-year-old free spirited redhead from Ohio who simply loves life. I'm so thrilled to be planning my wedding and preparing to become a Mrs. in November of 2014. I was born and raised in Massillon, Ohio, about an hour south of Cleveland. In high school I did everything from soccer, to choir, to debate. After high school, I spent four years at Cleveland State University, obtaining my bachelors in Professional and Promotional Communication. Along the way, I made a lot of great friends, and of course, met Mr. Hydrangea! I have since moved back to my hometown and own a house with Mr. Hydrangea. I am a project coordinator at a local company. In my down time I spend lots of time with my four nieces and nephews, two sisters, our two miniature dachshunds, Sydney and Murphy, and all of our friends. Just as in high school, I am interested in just about everything. I love theater, shopping, decorating, and being creative, just as much as I love Jeeps, ATVs, camping, and going to the gun range. I can't wait to share my journey as a bride-to-be with the garden!

How We Met:

Mr. Hydrangea and I met the first day of college in August of 2007. We lived across the hall from one another; he was in room 514, and I was in 513. The first night that we moved in, there weren't a lot of students in the dorm yet, so there wasn't a lot to do. Mr. Hydrangea and a few of his friends walked up and down our hallway knocking on doors, inviting everyone to his room for a movie and popcorn. My roommate and I went over and hung out with everyone. After that night, we didn't spend time together for almost 5 months. It wasn't until our mutual friend, Jenna, asked us both to go to dinner with her that we started hanging out together more often. We started seeing each other more and more often, including spending our first spring break sled riding in his hometown together. Finally, on April 1st, we made our relationship official, and have been together ever since!

The Engagement Story:

Mr. Hydrangea and I bought a house together in May 2013. I moved in first while he finished college and then found a job closer to our house. We had discussed getting engaged, but had agreed it needed to wait until we were living less than 90 minutes away from one another! I was nervous though, that because we had discussed getting engaged, that it would be obvious when Mr. Hydrangea decided to pop the question. On June 12, a random Wednesday afternoon, Mr. Hydrangea showed up at our house. I wasn't expecting him to visit that night, but when he told me he had been offered a job, I assumed that was why he had come down. As I was hugging him and congratulating him on his new job, I asked if he had let his mother know yet about the job offer. He said "Yeah, I called her on my way down here after I got off the phone with them." So I asked, "Why were you on your way down here already when they called?" He then said, "Well, I was on my way down to ask you this question." He got down on one knee, pulled out the ring and asked me to marry him. I was so excited and thrileed that he had managed to surprise me! And of course, I said yes!

My Wedding Vendors:

Caterer: Knights of Columbus

Florist: All Occasions Flowers

Invitations: Hydrangea Bud and Mr. Hydrangea's Mother

Officiant: Pastor Laurie

Photographer: MDH Photography

Transportation: Mr. Hydrangea's Army Jeep

Venue - Ceremony: St. Paul's Lutheran Church

Venue - Reception: Santa Maria Ballroom at the Knights of Columbus

Wedding Dress: Vera Wang

Wedding Planner: Hydrangea Bud

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