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Freesia Blossom

Freesia Blossom

Age: 28

Occupation: Research Assistant

Freesia Blossom

Wedding Details:

Engagement Date: August 14, 2010

Wedding Date: July 4, 2011

Wedding Location: Key Largo, Florida





About Me:

Engaged for 5 months, when I became a Bud, my wedding planning process was somehow only barely underway. Now, 4 months to go, things are rolling...We will have a destination wedding in Tavenier, Florida to focus on bringing our family and friends together for a vacation centered around relaxation and celebrating our lifelong commitment to each other. In addition, we hope to center our wedding around the things that make Freesia Dude and I a unique couple. I look forward to sharing these things with you as we plan them over the next several months.

How We Met:

Freesia Dude and I met working at the Moody Gardens Rainforest as biologists. After working together a couple of months, Fressia Dude kindly fixed a bird feeder for me with his handy skills. Soon after, a baby dove was rejected from its nest and Freesia Dude and I took shifts feeding and raising the baby we named Sloppy Joe after his not so clean eating behaviors. Fast forward to July 4th, 2006, a couple that we worked with were having an Independence Day party and set Freesia Dude up to give me a ride. From the instant he picked me up, he was my date, attending my every need, making me feel so special when I least expected it. The rest is history...through ups and downs, we saw eachother through the next 4 years and new there was no one else that could be more perfect.

The Engagement Story:

Freesia Dude proposed on a road trip to the Florida Keys. He had talked to my parents a few weeks before the trip and took my mom to help pick me out a ring. He had the ring sent to a family friend on Anna Maria Island. Meanwhile, I was told that his sister had sent us a present to this family friend that he needed to pick up when we arrived. On a side note, I'm always asking Freesia Dude to go to the beach early in the morning and he promised that on this vacation we would go, but he wanted to see the sunrise. So our first morning in Florida, he wakes me up at 6am to go walk the beach and watch the sunrise. Half asleep we stroll the beach until the sun begins to peak over the island. Fressia Dude asks me to close my eyes because he had a surprise for me. Still in my sleepy delirium I had no clue what was in store, and was so surprised to open my eyes and see my love on one knee holding out the most sparkling ring I have ever seen! He asked if I would marry him and I said yes! all in a matter of about .2 seconds. We were so excited we could hardly remember what finger the ring goes on (but we figured it out). Thus begins the story of planning the start of our lives together...

My Wedding Vendors:

Caterer: Green Turtle Inn

Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas

Officiant: Paul Randall

Photographer: Oceandance Photography

Venue - Ceremony: Coconut Palm Inn

Venue - Reception: Coconut Palm Inn

Wedding Cake: Publix-Our Slice of Paradise

Wedding Dress: Finnistere

Wedding Planner: Keys Dream Weddings

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