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Daisy Bud

Daisy Bud

Age: 25

Occupation: Television Director

Daisy Bud

Wedding Details:

Engagement Date: TBD!

Wedding Date: August 2014

Wedding Location: Maine


Name: James



About Me:

Hello! I am broke and planning a wedding! Currently my engagement date is TBD, because we refuse to go into debt buying a ring, or financing a wedding. I know there are other brides just like me, who want the wedding of their dreams, but need time and money to afford it. Come with me on my two year wedding planning journey and I'll share my pitfalls and triumphs with you all!

How We Met:

We met while living way up in Northern Maine. I happened to be dating someone else at the time, but thought, "This guy is pretty funny!" When I moved, and my relationship ended, he pursued me and eventually changed his whole life up just to move down state and be with me. I couldn't be happier! He's the sweetest man I have ever met and my perfect match!

The Engagement Story:

My Wedding Vendors:

Florist: Me! Making my own flowers!

Invitations: Me & my Photoshop skills

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