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Cherry Bud

Cherry Bud

Age: 26

Occupation: Administrative Specialist

Cherry Bud

Wedding Details:

Engagement Date: 12/22/2011

Wedding Date: 03/23/12

Wedding Location: Delaware County, PA


Name: Mr. Cherry


Occupation: 26

About Me:

I am a fun loving talkative girl. I literally do not shut up ☺ I love reading about weddings and planning my own. We are definitely on a budget and paying for it ourselves. I am always reading how to save money and how to be a little less traditional! We started with a cruise wedding and now are having a traditional wedding. It’s been an experience already and it’s less then a year away! Not only do I have the normal challenges of planning a wedding but also I have to plan it cross-country! I live in Texas and my wedding is in Pennsylvania. It is going to be a challenge not being able to see anyone or any place in person! I cannot wait and have many things in motion already. I am happy to share my experiences with anyone wanting to listen! I am sure it will be interesting! ☺ I also am a master’s student currently and love school! I live with my two puppies that keep me on my toes. My fiancé is second to them! Just kidding. I recently purchased a home and am learning to take care of it. It’s hard work! I am also learning to cook currently.... it’s not going to well!

How We Met:

I met him almost 9 years ago. He was in a band and I was promoting bands. I happen to see him standing in front of me wearing a bright yellow shirt for a magazine I worked for. I walked up to him and asked him where he got it. He told me that it was free and the magazine sucked. I explained to him that I wrote for that magazine and he quickly changed his tune! Later that day we went to get pizza and he asked me if I had a boyfriend. I told him I work for the bands; they don't want to date me! He said I would date you. I asked him to marry me because a friend and I were asking everyone we knew to sign a paper saying yes as a contest. He was number 137. I won that contest for many reasons and won him. ☺ The rest is history! Of course there is many more fun stories after this first encounter but it’s what started it all. We will be together almost ten years when we get married!

The Engagement Story:

It finally happened after 8 years and almost three months...but who’s counting? I am finally engaged to my Mr. Cherry! I am so happy and ecstatic that this FINALLY happened! How did we get engaged you ask? Oh yeah- it was in a mall. I wanted my ring so bad that I was be so sweet and taking him into jewelry stores all day. ☺ I said look at this one and look that that one! I had no idea he had already purchased the ring so he patiently looked and nodded all day. We were finishing up our Christmas shopping and I was ring CRAZY! Later that day we went home and he went out on an errand. We he came back he asked me to go back to the mall. I did not want to go shopping anymore at all. I finally said I would go and off we went. Of course I invited his sister to keep me company! She came and apparently had to make quick arrangements as I was getting proposed to at this mall. She met a friend at the mall and ditched us! I was pretty bummed she left us! Off we went around the mall, of course me dragging him everywhere! We walked past a jewelry store and sure enough I said, “ Can we look in here?” He looked at me said “ I think have something better”. He got down on one knee and proposed. It was a surprise and I had no idea. It was perfect. He knew I wanted to be surprised to badly and that he had to catch me off guard. He knows me so well ☺ Now I have a fantastic funny story to tell!

My Wedding Vendors:

DJ: Joseph M. Maiorano, JM Entertainment

Florist: Petals, King of Prussia

Invitations: Done by my lovely Cousin! Save the dates...Beer coasters=)

Photographer: Clair Pruett Springfield

Transportation: Shuttle- Duvall's bus service

Venue - Ceremony: Saint Dorothy's Church

Venue - Reception: The Townehouse-Media

Wedding Dress: Precious Formals-Posh Bride

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