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The Reception

August 7th, 2013 by     

With the ceremony finished, we moved on to the reception.  During my entire planning process, I was very dedicated to having my reception be a real party.  I had been to a lot of receptions during my life, so I had seen a lot of things that I
liked and wanted to replicate in my own reception and a lot of things I never wanted to happen on my big day.

First, I was totally okay with the party starting without me.  I hated going to wedding receptions where the bride and the groom are staying behind to take pictures, so the guests have to just sit at their tables waiting for the hosts to show up so the fun can begin.  They’re hungry.  They’re thirsty.  And without anything real going on, a lot of them are most likely bored.  “Not for me,” I said in planning my wedding.  We got to the church two hours before the ceremony so we could get all of our pictures out of the way before.  And we totally got all of them done!

Just kidding.  Everyone told me it wasn’t realistic to expect all of our pictures to be finished by the time we walked down the aisle.  And I hate to tell you, they were right.  Sort of.  We finished about 94% of the pictures before the ceremony started.  Thus, we spent about 45 minutes after the ceremony taking final pictures.  Mostly ones with family that arrived just in time for the ceremony. Since this was the case, I didn’t want people waiting around for me and the Joker before they could start eating.  So, I made it perfectly clear to everyone that would be working the reception to get started without us.  That way, when the Joker and I arrived, we arrived to happy faces and full bellies as opposed to impatient people who just wanted to get this all started.

Our dinner was an assortment of pasta dishes with salad and garlic bread.  And it was delicious.

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Mistah J and I enjoying our first meal as a married couple.

wedding wedding planning , untitled 405 e1375498687342

Taken directly from Pinterest, I'll admit. :)

wedding wedding planning , untitled 434 e1375499071611

Mistah J cutting his cake and look -- there are cranes on the table!




2 Responses to “The Reception”

  1. angleia Says:

    A beautiful ceremony,What a fantastic wedding!!!

  2. OrchidBud Says:

    Thanks so much, Angleia!

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