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May 3rd, 2013 by     

As a former bride, I found centerpieces to be one of the biggest projects every bride faces.  With the era of “DIY” brides in full swing, there is a lot expected of you!  Do you go with a florist and leave it at that, or do you take on the task of creating several (at least 10) tables worth of decor, to tie your wedding together and for an extra something for guests to take home.

Sunflower Dude and I decided to incorporate Disney into the wedding, we got engaged in Disney World and went there for our honeymoon, to put it simply, we are a Disney family.  On the other hand, we were having a rustic, fall wedding with burlap for miles.  We decided to separate the venue into four sections: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios (MGM) and Animal Kingdom, of course!  Then in each “land” we created some of our favorite places, rides and restaurants into tables!

How did you all incorporate something you love into your wedding?  How did you decide on centerpieces?  I’d love to know!



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  1. catherine lindahl Says:

    I decided to go with Mason jars because I like the rustic and elegant thing together. I am also getting married in the Autumn so I will have Autumn leaves and branches on the table and maybe some apples or small pumpkins, not sure yet hopefully I can keep it simple, right? Hah, Hah.

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