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Veil or No Veil?

January 3rd, 2013 by     

Let’s be honest, like many girls all over the world, I have imagined my dream wedding in my head many times. I have always had a pretty good idea of what I wanted: country wedding, outside, summertime, gorgeous white dress and red roses, and I have always had a vision of what I would kind of be wearing on my special day: a dress with no veil.

When Rose Dude asked me to marry him, and I took to the web to find ideas for my wedding and started looking for wedding dresses and specifics, I found myself drawn to one certain thing that I was completely sworn off of–a veil!

As far as I am aware, there is no rule to wearing a veil that you have to, and many brides don’t anymore. Veils remind me of something old-fashioned and some of the new styles I just flat out think are ridiculous looking. But why is it that I am drawn to this one idea though? I keep coming back to a Catholic style Mantilla veil. I’m not Catholic and am not an extremely religious person, and our ceremony is also going to be non-religious.

To me, this veil thing leads me to think about all of the things that I have dreamt about for so long, and the amount that I have changed in recent years and grown up. Perhaps, my style has changed more than I realized or perhaps, there is just that one thing about my wedding attire that I found is the one exception despite my complete and utter dislike of this piece of apparel.

Anyone else out there have thoughts on this subject?

This is the veil that I have had my mind on for a long time now.

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4 Responses to “Veil or No Veil?”

  1. Jordana Says:

    Good Morning,

    You are so right, a lot of brides consider a veil as an after thought. We believe that a veil adds so much to the bride’s complete look; elegance, femininity, serenity. The veil is not just an accessory, but we find it a necessity.
    The Catholic style Mantilla veil is very traditional with the Catholics and most women in Spain, they are devoted to covering their head and sometimes their shoulders when they are worshiping, it is a sign of respect and reverence.
    I personally love the Mantilla veil, it is definitely one of my favorites.
    Although veils are considered an old fashioned tradition, it is one that is resurfacing and trending in bridal fashion shows all over the world. Our Brides have definitely been more open and inquiring more about our veils.
    We love to hear that you have been considering a veil after not wanting one for so long. The veil is making a comeback, and we love it! :)

    Have a wonderful day.
    Jordana~ at Nilah and Company

  2. Apple Bud Says:

    I LOVE long veils! I had one in my wedding and it absolutely completed my overall look. This veil u have in your post is beautiful!!! I love it, do it do it do it!

  3. Morning Glory Blossom Says:

    I didn’t use a veil but its all about personal preference! I also got married outside on the water, so I felt a veil was not appropriate :)

  4. jenny Says:

    did you find out where you can buy this veil it is amazing

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