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Violet Bud

Save the Date!

January 8th, 2013 by     

We finally sent out our save-the-dates! It’s making a bit more real now that they’ve been sent out and people have been calling to tell us they’re receiving them. I actually ordered our save-the-dates about six months ago when Shutterfly was having a 60 percent off all cards sale.  I loved the way they turned out!

Along with the save-the-date, we also included little cards along with stickers that have our monogram on it as well as the date of the wedding.  We sent the cards out so that they would arrive on January 2nd or 3rd, so the insert card was meant to wish everyone a happy new year and give them stickers to put on their new 2013 calendars!

I thought about giving a magnet, but the stickers were just as useful and went perfectly with the timing of sending the save-the-dates!

Did you send an extra reminder with your save-the-dates?

2 Responses to “Save the Date!”

  1. Strawberry Bud Says:

    These look great!! I absolutely love the little touch of the calendar sticker reminder!

  2. Maria Says:

    Very clever! I like the ideas of providing stickers for your loved ones to put on their calenders. Not only is it smart, but I think you will get a few laughs for it also.

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