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Hair & Makeup Trial

October 2nd, 2012 by     

Hi Garden!  I can’t believe it’s October already!  Tomorrow will be the one month mark until our wedding day, it’s crazy!  Last week, I went and got my hair and makeup trial done for the wedding.  I was a little nervous with how it would turn out, but loved the end result.

Here’s the looks I was going for with my hair and makeup:

Who doesn’t love the way Carrie Underwood always looks–hair and makeup included!  I love her makeup look here and wanted to go for something similar with slightly less lashes.,r:38,s:120,i:250

For hair, I wanted a half up/half down look:

I personally love it!

Of course, I don’t look anything like these beautiful girls, but here’s me:

(So, it’s a bit blurry and granted I’m sitting in my puppy vet’s office, but you get the gist.)

I think it’s a good idea to give your hair and makeup artists some form of inspiration, and the look that you’re hoping to achieve.  One more thing to check off the list!

3 Responses to “Hair & Makeup Trial”

  1. Tunnel Hill Wedding Doves Says:

    Carrie Underwood’s makeup is fantastic!

  2. Weddings Venezuela Says:

    That half up/half down look is gorgeous

  3. Belle Thomson Says:

    Carrie Underwood is so pretty. I love her style and I am basing my wedding makeup on a very similar picture of her!

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