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Rain on your Wedding Day-Good or Bad Luck?

September 6th, 2012 by     

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “If it rains on your wedding day, it’s good luck.” Well I always believed that was nonsense and was only said to the bride to keep her from freaking out on her wedding day. My parents have been married 30 years, and my mom said it was pouring on their wedding day. So maybe the saying is true?

The funny part is that it has rained during my bachelorette weekend AND the day of my bridal shower. Which all the bridesmaids said to me, “I hope this isn’t a sign for your wedding day!” The prospect of rain on my wedding day makes me want to cry. My ceremony is outside and while everything is on a covered deck, who wants to have a ceremony surrounded by gloomy weather? I know I have to focus on the fact that I am marrying my best friend, and not on the weather, but it’s hard not to stress out about these kind of things! Thoughts race through my mind like: I wouldn’t be able to do all the cool pictures with my bridal party on the docks, and I would have to scurry inside from the car and have to worry about my hair and dress getting messed up from the rain.

I did my research before we booked our date and the farmer’s almanac said it has not rained on September 15th in seven years! So let’s hope that it’s true and our day goes off without a hitch!

Did it rain on your wedding day? How did you deal?

4 Responses to “Rain on your Wedding Day-Good or Bad Luck?”

  1. Vanessa Vargas Says:

    While the rain might be a sign of Good luck and a blessing for many people, it does turn to be a little sad when it rains and you are having an outside wedding. But when it rain just a little bit before the ceremony and the sun comes up , it is absolutely beautiful.

  2. Lisa Says:

    It did rain on our wedding day and we were married at the beach. Luckily there was a small building we were able to go in when in thundered. Will be 12 years this weekend :)

  3. Rosie B Says:

    33 years ago September 15th (1979), I married my best friend and I can remember the beautiful blue sky and mild wind. Think positive thoughts. It will be beautiful. Worry about something you can control.

  4. Danielle Says:

    At my sisters wedding last month, it absolutely poured down in the morning, her wedding was scheduled for 3.30pm, at 3 O’Clock the sun came out and it stayed beautiful all evening! Very well timed, she was so lucky, when I was at the hairdressers in the morning there was a few guests preparing for earlier weddings, I felt so sorry for those brides.. and guests coz everyone makes an effort at a wedding!! We can’t control it though, so have a ‘plan b’ for those pics ‘just incase’ and make sure everyone knows it!

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