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Just another piece of paper…

August 15th, 2012 by     

You all remember my invitation fiasco with my dad? Well, now I’ve got another piece of paper decision to make.

Originally I said that I wanted to do ceremony programs and have these pretty fans with our pictures on it since our ceremony would be outside in September. Well, in true “I’m not even engaged yet” fashion I didn’t realize how much these sort of things cost. The deal I had with my parents was that they would pay for the big things (a.k.a. catering, dress, invitations, etc) and if we wanted any details we had to pay for that stuff ourselves. Which, in all honesty is nothing compared to what they are shelling out for our wedding. I tried to spread my purchases out so I wasn’t trying to buy everything at once, which I have done pretty well with but this one last purchase is one I’m still debating.

With under 40 days to go, I just can’t decide if it’s worth wasting the paper on a program. Our ceremony will be less than 30 minutes long and is not in the church. I’ve been to three weddings already this summer and none of them had programs. Yes, I’ve saved money by finding people on Etsy┬áto design me printable items that I can do myself. The only part I was really looking forward to was having my bridal party and our parents formally mentioned on the program. I haven’t mentioned this to my parents because I really don’t want to start a war over something trivial, so I’m hoping everyone will be so busy the day-of that no one will notice.

So, do you think programs are worth the extra money and paper?

2 Responses to “Just another piece of paper…”

  1. Christa Says:

    Yes, I think programs are a waste. Especially considering most people throw them away or leave them there anyways. I have decided on this really cute idea on found on Pinterest as an alternative to programs that you can display and still give the appropriate formal mention to whomever you wish. It’s a pretty black board with white writing on it (you can choose whatever colors you want) and a pretty frame that has written on this one items what would be on all the programs. Here is the link…. — I’m sure this could be a do it yourself project if you’re crafty and have the time!!! =] Hope I helped =]

  2. Apple Bud Says:

    I love the idea that Christa had above, I really LOVE it! I do think programs get overlooked and it’s somewhat of a waste of money. I think I’m going to try something like this chalkboard for our wedding.

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