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Well, We Did It!

July 10th, 2012 by     

Holy moly. What a whirlwind couple of months. I still can’t believe that it’s over. What an incredible experience – good, bad and everything in between! I’ll be sure to do some posts outlining all of the little crafty things we did leading up to the big day!

Oh my – I don’t even know where to begin! Let me start with how the whole bridal party ended up looking: FABULOUS! We were so thrilled with the coral and grey. It looks absolutely amazing in pictures and looked even better in person!

wedding wedding attire archived , BHB7093 1024x681

Photograph by BH Photography

wedding wedding attire archived , BHB7128 1024x681

Photography by BH Photography


wedding wedding attire archived , BHB6916 1024x681

Photography by BH Photography

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4 Responses to “Well, We Did It!”

  1. Paula Says:

    love the bridesmaids dresses :D love the color

  2. Kelly N Says:

    What is the contact info for the lady in Indiana that did your bridesmaids dresses? I saw in one of your previous posts that you thought she had some great deals and I would love to order from a fellow Hoosier.

    Thanks! (And that is one gorgeous bridal party by the way!)

  3. Orchid Bud Says:

    I LOVE the choral and charcoal!!! I almost did that color scheme!!! Gorgeous pictures!

  4. Apricot Blossom Says:

    Thanks everyone!

    Kelly N- we used New Beginning Bridal in Aurora, Indiana. Her name is Carol and she is awesome! Their website is