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Honoring the Dress…

July 12th, 2012 by     

I can’t believe that Olive Dude and my wedding day was almost a month ago. As I’m sure most people who are married can attest to, it was by far the quickest night of my entire life. I would give anything to be able to relive every moment of the entire weekend!

When we first got back from our honeymoon, I was drained. I didn’t want to clean up our house, start the thank-you cards, or do any of the things you’re “supposed” to do right after a wedding. The one thing that I did have to do (for stain removal purposes) was take my dress back to the tailor and have it cleaned and preserved.

When I handed my dress over to the tailor, she told me that in four weeks I could come back to get it and it would be preserved in what looked to me like a rather large shoebox. I don’t know why, but this sounded so unbelievably depressing to me. I loved my dress. I knew the whole day it was a one-time-wear, and to savor every moment in it. But the thought of it being banished into a box to never be seen again until (maybe) I have a daughter and beg her to wear it just made me really sad.

I started looking for ways to honor my dress and of course turned to Etsy. I was amazed to find that there are tons of extremely talented artists who will sketch your dress into a fashion sketch from your wedding pictures.


Sketch by Dreamlines on Etsy


Sketch by Dress Sketch on Etsy

I absolutely love this idea and can’t wait to get one for myself. I am going to frame it and hang it in my closet to honor my amazing wedding dress that will be in an oversized shoebox, somewhere on the ground. :)

How did you preserve your favorite parts of your wedding?

3 Responses to “Honoring the Dress…”

  1. Apple Bud Says:

    This looks like a fabulous idea! I need to check this out!

  2. Morning Glory Bud Says:

    I would LOVE to frame my dress and hang it somewhere. I have the same anxiety about putting it away as you do and I haven’t even gotten married yet! I just know it will be terribly expensive to do and where the heck would I put it is the main question! :)

    This is a super cute idea.

  3. Ann {Bummed Bride} Says:

    I have been wondering the same thing. My dress is just sitting in my closet in a garment bag. I wish I took more pictures of me in my dress.

    I would love to do a Trash the Dress photo-shoot but I just can’t bring myself to “trash” my beautiful dress!

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