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The One Where Orchid Gets Crazy Brain, Part Two

June 7th, 2012 by     

Previously seen on Bridal Buds…

Orchid Bud told the story of being bit by DIY Bug and went waaaaay too long telling backstory on her crazy Bride Brain!  Then she told everyone alllll about ribbon wands, but let everyone know she hadn’t really started them yet.  And now, on with the post…

On Easter Sunday, after my family had eaten our traditional Easter Sunday meal, we were all sitting around, hanging out, eating sweets, and playing games.  I was on the Internet, researching ideas for something wedding related (centerpieces, I think) when out of nowhere, I saw THIS:

You know you wanna see it.

Photo courtesy of Wedding Paper Divas

I was aware of origami cranes. I even knew the old story that says the person who makes 1,000 origami cranes will have a wish granted to them.  What I was not aware of, however, was the use of origami cranes in weddings.  Come on.  That’s pretty cool.  I instantly got this romantic image in my head of my reception covered in cranes.  Purple, white, and turquoise cranes.  Hanging from the ceiling.  In the centerpieces.  Around the cake.  And later, guests could take them home as part of their party favors! I looked up some directions on an AMAZING website, and discovered…I’m actually pretty good at it!

If it weren't for end of the school year movie days at work, I'd be so far behind...

So, I took off.  I bought purple and turquoise printer paper, which I cut to a standard 6×6 size for the cranes.  It was cheaper that way than trying to buy bulk purple and turquoise origami paper.   I call it Operation Paper Crane.  I did the math, and if I make five cranes a day every day between now and then, I’ll reach 1,000 by the wedding.  Usually, I end up making anywhere from 10-15 a day, which is REALLY putting me ahead of schedule.  And I’m not gonna complain about that at all because if I keep it up, I’ll be done with all of these in PLENTY of time and will have time to string them on fishing line.  As I said, some of them will hang from the ceiling in our reception space.

It’s a completely crazy idea.  I’m perfectly aware of that.  But I’m having a BLAST with it.  About a week ago, I tried to teach the Joker how to make origami cranes.  That….wasn’t so successful.

The blue crane is what it's SUPPOSED to look like. The white crane is what he did.

So Mistah J is not allowed to help with the cranes anymore, hahaha.  But someone who HAS gotten into the spirit of things is Mommy Orchid.  We sat down together and I taught her how to make them, too.  She’s actually very good as well! She MUST be where I get my DIY flair. 😉 And I have to admit, THAT has been my favorite part to Operation Paper Crane.  Especially when only hours ago, I sat down with Mommy Orchid and Nana Orchid as we taught Nana how to make them. And I have to say, it was a blast laughing, spending time, and really bonding with two women that I love so very much.

Nana Orchid on the left, and Mommy Orchid on the far back right. I love these women. :-)

There will be more to this story as we make more cranes.  I’ll keep you guys posted on numbers!!! :-) My next post will be the third part to my Crazy Brain trilogy.  I still haven’t started that one quite yet.  But if it works out like I’m hoping it will, it’s gonna be AWESOME!!!

Am I nuts? Have I taken on more than I can handle?  Or have YOU done this?  How did you do it?  I’d love to hear ideas!

5 Responses to “The One Where Orchid Gets Crazy Brain, Part Two”

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  2. Violet Bud Says:

    That is amazing! I read the book Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes when I was in 6th grade, and I folded a thousand (or at least what I thought seemed like 1000) cranes that year. Quite literally, everyone got paper crane ornaments for Christmas. Good luck to you, and I hope that the thousand cranes do bring you good luck on your wedding day…for all that effort it should definitely be the talk of the wedding!

  3. Christina Says:

    I had this idea the second I got the diamond on my hand. I had read the book and had a teacher doing a similar thing for her wedding so she had the class folding the cranes for MONTHS. I love that crane paper lantern looking thing in the picture and I definitely understand the crazy diy brain thing going on. I can’t settle on one thing for more than 5 minutes before I find something that I like better or is more affordable. I think I may be going insane with “wedding bliss”, but the fact that I can’t even settle on a wedding color is a bit overwhelming.

  4. OrchidBud Says:

    Thanks ladies! It’s been a LOT of fun! I’m having so much fun with doing this, and I’m glad to know I’m not alone in thinking it’s a great idea! One thing I forgot to mention, is that I’m going to buy a rubber stamp with our monogram on it and stamp it onto the wing of each crane, that way guests can take them home as party favors and remember what they’re from! It won’t be just “what’s this random paper bird doing here?” haha!

    And Christina, I’ve been there! Making these decisions are tough, especially when they’re decisions you’re going to have to live with long term and defend for the rest of your life! I got antsy here recently with my color choices, and almost changed to something that was a little easier to find and make work in my wedding. Luckily, my loving fiance talked me out of it, and reminded me that purple is one of my trademark colors in life. Having my wedding in any color but purple just wouldn’t be right. :-)

  5. Shan@Mexico Wedding Says:

    If that is your passion you will surely be one on top someday 😀 Anyway,Purple is the color of good judgment. 😀

    Shan from

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