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Kids or No Kids, That is the Question!

June 13th, 2012 by     

With our wedding only about six months away, I’m still not 100% sure if I’m going to have a flower girl and/or ring bearers in our wedding.  And trust me, I have plenty of cuties to chose from – we have three adorable nephews and two darling nieces that would be “pinch-their-cheeks” perfect in the wedding.  My question to all the Bridal Buds out there is did you/did you not or are you having children in the wedding?

I think the reason I’m having such a hard time with this is because I’m scared of the unpredictability of the little ones.  Anyone have any opinions?

They’re just too cute, help!

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2 Responses to “Kids or No Kids, That is the Question!”

  1. Morning Glory Bud Says:

    It’s a tough decision for sure. We decided to have a ring bearer and flower girl, but not allow anyone else to bring their kids. It will probably make a few people mad, but I honestly don’t want 15 kids bringing chaos and ultimately causing my friends/family not to have fun because they are too busy watching their kids instead of enjoying the night.

    It’s y’all’s day so you do whatever you feel is best for your night!

  2. Annie Wishford Says:

    We were happy to have many generations; it created a “circle of love”. The 4 kids in our party were not perfect but got the job done. We welcomed children at ceremony and reception but had a kids’ room and attendant. They came for intros, cake, and some dancing. Teen girls are thrilled to do this. Kids add joy and exuberance. We gave them a wonderful memory and example. By setting boundaries ahead of time we didn’t have problems. My view, a wedding is about people and love, not event perfection. You and your guests treasure those memories, not if the table linens were a perfect shade. If Susie pulls her dress up and Joey picks his nose, or won’t walk, just go with it – it won’t ruin your day! Wedding, marriage, life, it’s all unpredictable, how you two handle it together is up to you. My only advice…if you have to pick, go with the older ones. A 2 year old won’t care, a 6 year old will love you for life and cherish it. If out-of-towners come, many will love going to the pool more than the wedding, in which case a sitter makes sense. The weddings we love and remember all did it this way. The ones that were perfect “events” were just not as rich. Best Wishes!

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