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Take the reins and run with it … but not too far!

May 25th, 2012 by     

Date … Check


Larger than life ideas…Check…

It is coming down to crunch time. We are officially under the one year mark (289 days to be exact…) and things need to start happening. First things first I needed to find someone who will be able to let/make me relax on my wedding day.

As a wedding planner, it took a lot for me to be able to even consider relinquishing control and letting someone else pick up the reins and guide my special day to where it needs to be.

As a wedding planner, I do however, also know the importance of stepping back and being a bride and letting others do the work so that you can actually enjoy your wedding day. For me it’s not about the designing and the concept and the ideas (as believe me my head is overflowing with those!) but more about me being able to relax with my ladies and not worry about set-up, wilting flowers, and late vendors. For me, it was finding the right person who will take my vision and turn it into reality. While it is so important for me to see my dream wedding happen, it is even more important for me to be able to enjoy it. I know I am a control freak, there’s no denying that but I am also realistic and I know that I cannot do everything and be a bride at the same time.

So after referrals, quotes and concepts I finally found that person who has accepted the challenge of dealing with me as I try finding that fine line between obsessive planner and crazy bride.

Now I’m not saying I’m about to completely hand over the reins, but I may ease up a little. And this may very well not happen until the day of the wedding, where I’m pretty sure I will be sick of the details and very happy to have someone else deal with them. I’ve seen it happen a thousand times; I don’t think I will be any different.

I know that the average wedding can take up to 250 hours just to plan; maybe I should consider handing over more…


Is anyone else hiring a planner? What are your thoughts?

2 Responses to “Take the reins and run with it … but not too far!”

  1. Christina Says:

    I think having a day-of-coordinator is a good idea to handle payments, timing, and yelling at vendors who seem to be dimmer than when we hired them. I am considering one myself. Not a full on wedding planner because, honestly, the poor woman would have to be psychic to keep up with me and it’s just not in the budget. As a wedding planner you may be able to answer my question, does the planner/coordinator assist with the set up of the event space? My venue only give me 10 hours from 2-10 including set up and I can just see myself 3 hours before my wedding setting up tables and linens and running around like crazy with no time to even make myself look like a bride.

  2. Gerber Bud Says:

    Hi Christina

    Your wedding planner should absolutely help with the set up on the day. Their job is to take as much stress off you as possible leading up to and on the day.
    You don’t need to hire a full planner, most companies will offer month of or day of packages where they help you tie up any loose ends and handle everything on your wedding day so you can sit back and be a bride.

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