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I’m Not Crazy…I Swear

May 18th, 2012 by     

We ALL know THOSE brides. When you ask them what their wedding is like they plop this huge, pink, ruffled book on the table with everything planned out. You can tell that she has been planning this since she was 5 years old…the dress she wants is drawn in sophisticated crayon for goodness sakes! Pages and pages of notes and scheduling in this book, THE book. As she puts the book down her face lights up and her eyes go wide and she suddenly expects everyone to be enthralled with her wedding. We are more horrified than enthralled, trust me.

So I have done it…I have made…a book. Now I feel like I have to back track. First of all, you need something concrete to show vendors right? When describing your wedding cake or your decor ideas, shouldn’t they be able to see what you are talking about? Secondly, I am fairly certain that my thoughts and ideas are completely unorganized. I needed a place to put all the ideas that are definitely going into the wedding, almost like a visual list. Pinterest is lovely, but it’s causing me to be totally unorganized.

So here is what I have done: I have taken a regular scrap book (I’m weird and just have those lying around), and created little inspiration boards of the ideas I am absolutely going to accomplish.

Now I have a pretty, visual “To Do” list which really helps clear the cluttered mind! If you noticed, no pink and no ruffles…so that at least makes me a little sane…right? Has anyone else caved and made “The Book?” Has it helped you get organized?

One Response to “I’m Not Crazy…I Swear”

  1. Christina Says:

    I have a notebook that I was using to do my pro/con list for vendors, caterers and such when I was in the sane place of wedding planning. I do not know even where to start in creating this book. I have extremely organized bookmarks on my browser but its still not enough for me. We’re 740 days away from the wedding and I already feel overwhelmed.

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