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Pick a Color…

April 18th, 2012 by     

One of the first questions you get asked when your wedding comes up is “What are your colors?” I have to say, I can now answer that question, but that was not the case at first. I knew I could at least eliminate the colors I would NOT be using. So immediately purple, and pink were eliminated. No offense to the purple/pink lovers out there, but I guess I have never been that girl. I’m pretty sure it all stemmed from having a mauve carpet in my bedroom for 12 years of my life. Green was in the running for a while, but then I decided if I was going to have a wedding outside, I didn’t want my main color to be the color of grass. After all, you wouldn’t want the bridesmaids to go missing!

For awhile I was very set on navy blue and yellow. I really liked the “pop.” But as I day-dreamed, and pinned, and drooled over weddings that weren’t mine, I realized more and more that I loved pastels. The world looks so much more like a fairy tale in pastel. As I looked over my myriad of inspiration boards on Pinterest, I realized I did not want a navy blue and yellow wedding. I wanted a light blue and yellow wedding…with other pastels thrown in for accents. I think what finally settled it was this pattern:

I saw it and instantly fell in fabric love. I am actually going to use this background for my invitations. And it was this little swatch here that decided my colors for me.  The navy blue, it seemed really brought the tone of everything down. A vintage outdoor summer wedding should be light and airy, not heavy and dark. So in one breath, out went the navy and in came the soft gray-blues and pastels.

Here is the final palette that I created, but I also later decided to throw in a little peachy pink, that was for mom, who just couldn’t abide a centerpiece without a peachy-pink. I do have to admit, that little bit of pink might spunk it up a bit. I know what I said…but I can learn to give a little…especially when mom is always right. :)

3 Responses to “Pick a Color…”

  1. Orchid Bud Says:

    I love it! Such pretty, clean colors! It’ll be nice and romantic, but not OVERLY girly so the boys can look nice, too! And you’re not alone having a hard time picking colors. I went through the same thing!

  2. Orchid Bud Says:

    Also, where did you make your color pallette? I REALLY need to make one to be able to take to bakeries and florists and dress shops.

  3. Daisy Bud Says:

    Thank you so much for your comments! It took awhile to really nail everything down, my mom also eventually convinced me to add a pastel pink to the palette! lol. I put together my swatches using this site: I then save the images I liked to my desktop, and cut them all up in photoshop and spliced them together in a new document. Just bear in mind that things on your computer screen will always print darker! Good luck!

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