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Wedding Costs

October 7th, 2011 by     

Because Mr.Pom and I are very concious of the amount of money that can be spent on a wedding we are trying to keep all of our costs to a minimum.  We are the kind of people who do not want to spend our life savings on one day and then have nothing to live off of.  We are also not the type of people who are willing to have their parents spend ten’s of thousands of dollars on one day either.  So we find ourselves in a very lucky situation with the friends and family that we have.  I say this because here are the things we are cutting out of our spending budget.

Photography-my mother and brother are excelent photographers and honestly I’ve been to weddings where people have spent thousands of dollars on photography and somehow my pictures turn out very similar and just as good as the professional.  I’m not at all tooting my own horn, but rather saying that you don’t get what you pay for.  We are also going to put together a way for people to take their own photos in a feauxto booth :)

Cake-my mom is also an excellent baker so as of right now she has decided that she would like to bake a cake for everyone to enjoy!

DJ – Mr. Pom’s brother in law and cousin have been and are DJ’s so between one of them mixing our tunes and the other brining some fantastic sound system with him we are good to go!

Where are you cutting back on the costs?

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4 Responses to “Wedding Costs”

  1. Dandelion Bud Says:

    That’s great that you’re receiving so much help from family! I love the idea of having friends and family be involved in the process as well. :)

  2. Linda Says:

    Thanks Dandelion! I’m so greatful that so many people are willing to help us!

  3. Aimee S. Says:

    I think that’s great you’re getting so much help in the DIY factor from family. However, I highly recommend you hire or find someone else to take photos of your wedding other than your mom and brother. It’s a special day for them, too, and they should be able to take part in everything and not worry about capturing that special photo and working at your wedding. Especially your mom. And how many photos would they get included in that way either?

  4. Pomegranate Bud Says:

    Thank you for the comment Aimee. We are also enlisting the help of a close family friend who is a great photographer. He will take all of the family photos right after the ceremony. As for the party part, we aren’t concerned about getting a bunch of wedding cake photos, centerpieces, a.k.a the standard pictures that photographer’s take. We more want nice photos of everyone hanging out and dancing rather than posing throughout the night. I’ll circle back around and share how it was all pulled off. However, we certainly didn’t force people to do any of the above tasks, they came to us saying they could help out in such and such a way.

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