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Thank You Cards

October 25th, 2011 by     

Oh man, doesn’t it stink when you find a gem and it’s the only one?  Well, I was at my local TJMaxx looking for some thank you cards to send to the gals who came out to my bridal shower/bachelorette.  I looked and looked and at the last minute found the cutest cards from Graphique.  It’s these two birds sitting on a lovely tree branch so it almost looks like two love birds.  But of course, I only found ten of them.  I wish I could use these through out the wedding process because the cards are just too cute.

As you also remember, I was half struggling with the stamp issue.  Do I buy fancy pants stamps or just get the forever stamp?  So I went to the post office and told the postman that I am looking for ten stamps, I’ll take anything he’s got, it can even be ten random ones.  To my luck, there are forever stamps that look like this:

Boy am I excited!  I may even go out and buy a bunch for the invites!  In case you are wondering, these are called, “The garden of love!”

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