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Small details to Nail Down

October 3rd, 2011 by     

I am fairly fanatical about my nails.  Peachy Mom has done an excellent job of instilling in me the importance of a good manicure. Sadly my law student budget doesnt allow me to get professional manicures weekly, every weekend (usually early Sunday evening) I manicure my nails for the upcoming week.  Not only do I stick to this schedule, but as soon as my nail polish starts to chip, I have to take it off.  Yes this is a tad bit obsessive.  Side story.  Mr. Peach knows how I am about my nails and apparently paid close attention to my nails the week leading up to our engagement and had Peachy Mom on standby that week to swoop in and take me for a surprise manicure.  Have no fear my nails were in tip top shape that day.  See!

Look at those RED beauties!!!

Anyway, as you can see I take pride in my nicely manicured nails, and so my wedding day will surely be no different.  Obviously this decision is one of the more minor details of the day, but still have you thought about what color your nails will be?  They will be photographed often that day!

So do you go for the classic fall back of a nice french manicure?

Classic and elegant. Courtesy of

What about a funky twist on the classic?  Maybe some bling to match the bling on your hand?

Classic with a funky twist. Courtesy of

Do you match your wedding colors?  In my case, that could mean matching the hot pink dresses that will be worn by my bridesmaids.

Feelin' hot hot hot! Courtesy of

Or stick to a simple pale pink?  (This happens to be a picture of my current pale pink go-to OPI’s Kiss on the Chic).

So polished. So simple. So lovely.

So now that I probably have many of you thinking about a detail that you thought you’d just decide the day before you put on that white dress, what color will your 10 digits be sporting when you officially become a Mrs.?


3 Responses to “Small details to Nail Down”

  1. Dandelion Bud Says:

    I’m a nail polish freak as well! I lovelovelovelove painting them, buying new shades, planning when to wear those shades, etc. I’m thinking I’ll go for a pale pink or something in the nude family. So classic and chic!

  2. Val Says:

    I love the idea of the silver tips, but recently a friend got engaged and had silver tips for her engagement pics, and in some of the pictures they looked black! Which is a bummer because they look super cool in the right light…

  3. Tamika Quick Says:

    Hey Ladies here’s a site I share with my clients that reviews all the latest nail colors and trends My thoughts are make sure your nail color reflects who you are. Remember it’s your day:-)

    Congratulations to you all

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