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Creating a Calm Atmosphere

October 19th, 2011 by     

I recently looked at some photos from my friend’s wedding, I was in it.  The stress of the wedding could not have been shown any better than in my face, on almost every photograph.  I feel awful about this but at the same time, I cannot put all of the blame on myself.

This made me think about my own upcoming wedding.  The last thing I and Mr. Pom would want is unhappy people.  Yes I know, you can’t please everyone.  However, I want everyone to have a great time and not be stressed about silly things such as their dresses, how they look and whether sashes are tied correctly.  I have already thanked my bridesmaids, yes we finally settled on two people each, and told them that the bridal shower will be the only stressful and time consuming thing they’ll have to do.

I am going to let the bridesmaids pick their own dresses, hopefully they won’t even need to buy ones. I’ll simply give them a color and let them go.  The wedding day is supposed to be about love and fun, not making sure that everyone looks identical and matches the table cloths!

So here’s to all us brides who are more excited about the prospect of getting married, wearing a pretty dress and hanging out with all of our friends and family!

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3 Responses to “Creating a Calm Atmosphere”

  1. Dandelion Bud Says:

    Yes! That is exactly what I want my wedding to be: a laid back and fun celebration with my loved ones. :)

  2. Pomegranate Bud Says:

    It’s all that it should be about!

  3. Chantal Says:

    This is a great way to think about your wedding day, I wish all my brides were this calm. I always tell brides that guests will soon forget what the food was like or the music that was played but they will always remember how special you made them feel and that your wedding was sentimental. So make the day about a lifetime of love and happiness, don’t stress over the small stuff, no one will notice!

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