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The Bachelorette Party

August 16th, 2011 by     

My MOH planned a fantastic Bachelorette weekend in Cleveland.

The entire event began with goofy bachelorette presents including feather boas for everyone and some seductive items for me…

Then we headed out for a photo scavenger hunt.

That included finding goofy sunglasses for everyone

While running around doing the scavenger hunt, several people seemed to think it was my birthday which resulted in a large group of teenagers singing happy birthday to me as they walked behind us.

Then we all went to see the movie Bridesmaids and had a lot of laughs.

We grabbed some food, changed and hit the town for an evening of dancing… on speakers.

In the obligatory bachelorette gear of course!

Gear: bride banner, penis hat and veil

All photos in this blog are courtesy of my friends.

2 Responses to “The Bachelorette Party”

  1. Poinsettia Bud Says:

    This looks like a blast!!! I love the idea of the photo scavenger hunt! What types of items were on the list?

  2. Lilac Blossom Says:


    Sorry about how long it took to get back to you!

    The list included having to pose with sunglasses, wearing something blue, riding an escalator, posing with mannequins, the whole group wearing crazy high heels, holding an animal and sleeping on a bench to name a few.

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